Endings For Wedding Ceremonies

Take a deep breath: inhale, exhale… you`ve arranged all your things and you thought of a special way of ending your wedding ceremony? Besides your ideas, here are some suggestions that you may want to consider…

endings-for-wedding-ceremoniesWestern models seem to influence the entire world: remember the classical image with the couple of pigeons that fly in the end of the wedding? Well, this cliché can`t be possible only in movies, if you really want this ending you may get it and without costing a fortune! This moment is the most expected one in a wedding, not only by the family and the couple, but also by the photographer to catch the birds in a unique, instantaneous picture! This gesture of letting pigeons (the birds are often white) fly symbolizes love, fidelity, and devotement, also fertility and hope, this species is one of the few species that tend towards monogamy! The birds may be accompanied by cages beautifully decorated, string baskets and so on…

If you want an extravagant wedding you may choose from a range of accessories! And here you can find: a “rain” of white, little feathers or some kind of peacock`s eye, acacia flowers, swallow`s tail…

It`s only your choice how to end your wedding. Many of you may think of a firework show, that is more than a great idea or confetti (make sure they don`t use all colors because it can be very kitsch…) but it is only your choice: to be classical or to get in the extravagant part!

If there are no money left for this final part, choose your wedding day according to the climate and make sure it will rain… it won`t only mean you`ll get wet, but rain is a symbol of richness, so don`t worry, be happy!


“It`s raining with flowers!” yes, this can be another choice.. Pick some other flowers, different from your floral arrangements, but make sure to be the same color! If you necessarily want not to create a mess, you can use the same flowers and stay calm, everybody will be thrilled! Speaking about flowers you can also use some petals to create a special optic effect; the photographer is the happiest person around cause he knows he will make some great photos!

Oh! And another suggestion is that of tossing leafs at the end of the ceremony if you are fond of green, this idea isn`t expensive at all, because leafs can be found everywhere!
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The ideas above are meant to lighten your mind a little bit! If you are going to use flowers, confetti, natural phenomena or a pair of pigeons, your surely will have a special moment in the end… you now must think what suits you and your partner better!