Exquisite objects as testimonials

We were browsing for something interesting for you and guess what: we really did find something exquisite; to be more specific we struck over some nice objects that may be placed on the table taking the role of testimonies. We will start a list with these, trying to describe the way these look and maybe you can share your thoughts with us….

exquisite objects as testimonials

The first objects we encountered in our short search are made from glass and these are little objects, really great looking, which simply take your breath in the moment you see them. First, there is a rose. This flower is made of a golden metal in the down side taking the role of leaves and the strain. The leaves are really nicely engraved with nice lines and details. The flower bud is made of transparent glass with nice details on it; it’s so vivid that you can misunderstand it with a real rose bud.
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The next example regards an apple. The apple fruit is made of transparent glass, which isn’t polished completely, it has nice models on it and the leaves of this apple are made of a silvery material, maybe metallic with nice patterns on it. To continue we offer you another miniature object that serves as testimony: a sphere made of transparent glass, which is perfectly polished; around this sphere you can fine two circular shapes made of metallic silver with some stones applied here and there.

exquisite objects as testimonials2

We continue with another object. This time we suggest a golden bottle stopper with a nice leave model in the upper side. Also we should mention that this accessory is placed in a nice and transparent box that has some leaf motifs on the exterior. Wrap a nice ribbon around this transparent box and the effect is guaranteed….

exquisite objects as testimonials3

There’s also a nice model of bottle stopper, made of a silvery and shiny material. On the upper side of this object one can find a detail in shape of a heart. Let’s also mention that you have to put this object in a beautiful box. Wrap around this box a nice looking lace on which you may attach a detail that says “We tied the knot!” this will surely offer your guest a good impression over the entire ceremony.

We end with glass also. This material looks divine if you know what to make out of it. For instance you can find on the market nicely made clams of transparent glass. These clams aren’t totally polished, they have an abrasive aspect and these are made of two parts. Also, inside of this clam you can find a transparent sphere that seems to imitate perfectly the pearl found in an oyster. We consider this model exquisite and we recommend it totally! It denotes elegance and refinement….

exquisite objects as testimonials4

As you can see, there are so many examples of wedding stuff that we just don’t know how to organize ourselves and bring you all the newest things! We hope that you enjoy these objects as much as we did.