5 Super-Helpful Wedding Apps


Need some assistance planning your wedding? There’s an app for that! Check out the following apps to help you plan your wedding, especially if your budget doesn’t include money for a wedding planner (and that’s okay!):

Ringfinder – The Private Collection of Southern African Diamonds

This free app is here to help you with your ring purchase. It includes a ring sizer, information on ring cut, value, clarity, etc., and where to find your chosen ring at a store near you. If you’re concerned about purchasing a blood diamond, fear not: SA Gems is the maker of this app and notes they are the only diamond supplier within the industry that visits diamond minds and takes social responsibilities seriously. SA Gems donates a portion of their sales to Global Giving, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving conditions for South Africans living in poverty.

Wedding Countdown

Wedding Countdown is a free app that lets you keep excellent track of everything to do with your Big Day. Stay on top of all important dates and personalize your tracker if you want via pictures, songs, fonts, and more.

Wedding Dress LookBook By The Knot

Finding your dream wedding dress is easier than ever with Wedding Dress LookBook By The Knot. The free app is the companion to The Knot website, which is all about weddings, and makes sifting through hundreds of dresses easy. Search by your body type and find information on how to purchase the dress, the designer, and more. Ads pop up with every few dresses you search, but if you don’t mind that you’ve got a great resource at your fingertips.

Best Wedding Cakes

Best Wedding Cakes isn’t free at $1.99, but it does make finding your dream wedding cake a simple process. Browse through hundreds of high-quality photos of gorgeous wedding cakes, add favorites to your file, save photos on your photo roll, and enjoy obtaining the inspiration you need.

Fun Wedding Traditions

If you want your wedding to blend various traditions, Fun Wedding Traditions is the app for you. It costs $0.99 and provides the opportunity to learn how weddings have been celebrated throughout the centuries. For example, wedding cakes in Bermuda feature tiny saplings at the top, which the bride and groom plant after their ceremony so it grows as their marriage does. Cool, right? This app is full of great ideas to pull from.