Vintage veils 2

Some time ago we decided to suggest to you some vintage wedding veils and here’s how we’re back with this topic and presenting you some additional pieces of information and examples in order for you to choose only the appropriate stuff for you. Let’s also mention that these vintage veils are really trendy in the same time and that they’re going to make you look really interesting with them on.

So, we start with our first suggestion that consists of a wedding veil that is made of a fabric made tiara and on top of it you can observe a little portion that is made of net. So, this tiara made of fabric surrounds the head and you can observe how the hair is caught in it in order to create a nice visual effect.

vintage veils 2

Let’s also mention that the net that serves as the veil permits that your eyes and hair to be observed, it’s something artificial that makes you look really gorgeous in the same time. And think of it in this way: what could be more vintage than this?
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Here’s another suggestion that we have for you and this one consists of multiple elements. So, there’s the wedding veil, the gloves and the dress in itself, but we’re interested only in the veil. So, this particular veil consists of a big piece of fabric that will cover your head and the back side of your head as well. In the front side of the veil and on the margins there are some nicely embroidered areas that are probably made manually.

Also, in the two sides of the head just above the head you can observe some flower details, maybe some roses that are made also of fabric and look really interesting in the same time in combination with the other elements. Let’s also mention that the gloves look nice as well with all their details: these are made of transparent net and with a bow detail on the hand.

vintage veils 2 2

Also you can adopt a nice looking bracelet that’s made of embroidered silver with pearls applied on. How about that? So many neat elements and these look so good together!

We’re sure that you felt really interested in the topic that we’ve chosen to present today. Also, this one has been mentioned about previously and it would be a pity for you not to take into consideration all the things that were mentioned in the other articles.

It’s not a bad idea to use such a veil in your wedding day due to the fact that these look really great on you and these denote good taste and if you add a modern element in them, you’re going to end up being really trendy in the same time.