5 Musts For Staying Comfy And Confident On Your Wedding Day

We’re all about looking great on your wedding day but it’s also important to be comfortable too! From the makeup to the undergarments, every choice you make will help you create the vision you’ve been dreaming about that coincides with the feelings you want to have which includes CONFIDENCE.

If you’re too busy tugging on your bra, worrying about a hair out of place, or feeling faint, you won’t be comfortable and that unsteady feeling will take a hit on your confidence. And that’s where these 5 musts come in. These quick tips will help you stay comfy and confident all throughout your wedding day.

5 Musts For Staying Comfy And Confident On Your Wedding Day

Makeup & Hair You Love

Do a test run. Try out everything you may like. Take photos of the outcome. And then decide on exactly what you want for when the big day comes. Don’t surprise yourself with an untried hairdo or false lashes on the date, make sure you feel good with the look beforehand!

Don’t Go With New ANYTHING

Are you thinking about cutting those locks? Or maybe you want to get a facial before the big day – although you’ve never had one before? Don’t do it.

When it comes to “new,” wait until after the wedding is over to give things a go. The worst thing you can do is try out something for the first time and end up with a rash, a bob that looks terrible on your, or a new hair color that was never fit to be yours.

Comfortable Undergarments

The most important element of all when it comes to feeling comfy and confident on your wedding day are the undergarments. Without the right set of panties or bra, you could be in for a long night of tugging, pulling, and adjusting. And who wants to do that on the day you say, “I do?”

Browse the range of products at Knix. They have a large array of choices to sift through and create the comfortable foundation you need under your wedding gown.

Stay Hydrated

And finally, one way to stay comfortable, confident, and feeling good on your big day comes in the form of H2O. You’ve got to stay hydrated – and not just by sipping on champagne. The nerves will come into play and you’ll want to make sure you have some cold water to sip on all day long.

Don’t go without eating either. It’s important that you get some protein and good snacks in throughout the day. Walking down the aisle to your groom, the last thing you want to happen is a fainting spell!

The Right Accessories

Accessories can make or break a “look,” and that’s true for the wedding day too. Too much can be overdone and the wrong ones can hinder the end vision. Make sure you have a trial run of the entire ensemble. Try your dress on with the jewelry, veil, sashes, and the shoes.

And when it comes to the shoes, make sure they’re comfortable and broken in. Spend time walking around the house in the heels if you choose to forgo flats. A fresh set of blisters will hurt come time on the dance floor.