“Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” 4 Ways To Ask


Getting ready to ask the fabulous women in your life to be your bridesmaids? There’s lots of fun little ways to do this, all of which are sure to made the ladies melt. Check out the following ideas and get inspired!

Traditional Notecards

One of the easiest ways to ask the women in your life if they want to be your bridesmaids is to send them notecards. Snail mail is still the traditional way to receive invites to all things wedding, and plenty of templates are available to choose from. If you are artistic you may opt to make your own. The front of the cards can include wording such as “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”, “Will You Be My Maid Of Honor?”, etc. Write personal notes on the inside to each bridal party member about why they are special to you and how you cannot wait for them to help you say “I do.”

Dinner Dates

Depending how many bridesmaids you plan to have, this could get expensive, but it is also a fun way to ask. You don’t have to take every future bridesmaid to a baller dinner–even dinner and drinks at the local watering hole will suffice. Think about your budget and go from there.


If you are absolutely certain all of your potential bridesmaids will say yes, why not throw a little get-together? Invite them over for afternoon tea, a rousing game of Lip Sync Battle, drinks and snacks by your pool, etc. They will love that the shindig includes a special surprise!

Phone Calls/Emails

The cheapest way to ask your friends if they will join your bridal party is to send emails or call them. These aren’t exactly the most glamorous options, but if you are looking to save money however you can, calls or emails are great places to start. Find fun templates if going the email route to “dress up” your request.

However you choose to ask your bridesmaids, know they will love the fact that you want them in your bridal party. This is true even if some of them cannot commit for whatever reason. Good luck, and have fun!