9 Gift Ideas for the Groomsmen

Buying a little something for your groomsmen is a nice consideration during your wedding. More than likely, it is these people who have been your support network throughout all of the stressful preparations for the big day. Being a groomsman is also a big responsibility and so you want to make sure that these guys know that you appreciate them. Groomsmen gifts don’t have to break the bank, but something small and thoughtful will go a long way in putting a smile on people’s faces.

Consider Personalization

It’s unfortunate that the mention of personalized gifts has somehow become synonymous with being tacky. That definitely doesn’t have to be the case. As a matter of fact, it is wholly possible for personalized items to be relatively chic and sophisticated! Picture a personalized whiskey decanter for example. Such a gift will be a major talking point every time your groomsmen hosts a party or has people over for dinner. Similarly, a luxurious wooden cigar box that is engraved with your friend’s initials is the ultimate swanky gift that someone would absolutely love but perhaps never treat themselves to.

Organize an Experience Day

Whether you and all of your groomsmen are the best of buddies that date back to high school, or whether they are people from different walks of life, organizing an experience day together is a nice idea. This will help strengthen friendships and create a day that you will all remember for a lifetime. Things, like racing around a track in supercars, or crossing off a bucket-list item like skydiving, are great bonding activities.

Try and Get the Same Item For Everyone

Sure, your groomsmen are going to appreciate any gift that they receive. However, if you are able to, try and avoid getting everyone all different gifts. These are grown men not toddlers, but you definitely don’t want to get yourself into an awkward situation where one person thinks that someone else’s gift is better than theirs, etc. Besides, buying the same gifts looks more uniform and nice anyway.

Buy Them Gifts to Reflect Their Interests

If you decide that you don’t want to buy the same gift for everyone, try taking on a thoughtful personalized approach to your groomsmen gift giving. Sometimes your buddies just have such wildly different hobbies and interests that buying everyone the same thing just isn’t suitable and that’s okay. In this instance, you could consider buying your groomsmen special items that reflect their personal hobbies and interests. For example, if Dave loves playing the guitar, a handful of personalized guitar picks and a music book could be a great gift. If Simon loves playing squash, how about getting him a new racquet?

Ask the Ladies in Their Lives What They Would Like

Sometimes guys can be difficult to buy for. If you want to go ahead with a more personalized/individual approach to gift giving and you are drawing a blank on knowing what to get one or two of your groomsmen then don’t fret. Consider asking the special lady in your groomsman’s life what he is looking for. Maybe there has been a specific item that he has been talking about for months on end. There may well be something small that he desperately wants or needs and simply hasn’t gotten around to buying it himself yet.

Buy Something Stylish for the Wedding

Okay so perhaps the groomsmen’s tuxedos are covered as part of your wedding expenses anyway. We don’t mean that. However, a nice added extra that the groomsmen can use time and again makes a great gift. For example, consider buying all of your groomsmen swanky engraved leather wallets or a fancy pocket square.

Buy Something Useful

Useful gifts for groomsmen, like a wallet, are always going to be appreciated. It is much better to buy your buddies something that they are going to get a lot of use out of, and that will come in handy for them for the foreseeable future, rather than a novelty item which is used once and forgotten. On that note, useful gifts certainly don’t have to be drab and dull. Items such as chic barware, glassware or kitchen equipment are all gifts that will be both appreciated and used.

Try and Buy the Gifts in Advance

Try not to leave buying your groomsmen gifts to the last minute. If this winds up being an afterthought, you will have absolutely no time for creating bespoke or personalized gifts as most companies that offer such services require several weeks worth of processing time. If you end up procrastinating and buying your groomsmen gifts just a few days before the big day, you may end up paying more than you originally intended, or scraping to find something that is simply not that special.

Acknowledge it’s the Thought that Counts

Weddings are expensive affairs. By the time you’ve booked the honeymoon, reserved the venue, picked the band and bought the dress you may feel that you don’t really have an awful lot of money left over. Buying gifts and added extras may feel like the very last thing that you need on your plate. Remember that it is the thought that counts. Don’t feel as though you have to buy something elegant or expensive if it is out of your budget. Even something small and silly that makes your groomsmen laugh is sure to be appreciated.