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Do I Need to Get My Bridal Party Gifts?

Unless you’ve planned a destination wedding and are paying for all travel fees and rental expenses, it’s tradition to present your bridal party with some type of “thank you” in the form of a gift. And even if you do foot the bill for your get-away adventure, it’s in good taste to show your appreciation for their participation in your big day.

The gift doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, instead, it can be DIYed and heartfelt. The gesture in the greatest part of its presentation. And if you’re looking for some ideas check out our list of bridesmaids gifts ideas and some groomsmen gift ideas as well.

Personalized options are nice such as keychains, necklaces, flasks, and even bags or robes. But usable items for the event work as well. Socks for the groomsmen and new earrings to wear for the ladies are perfect for adding sentiment and function.

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The Knot

“You should get them gifts to say “thank you.”

Think of it this way—your bridesmaids are majorly putting themselves out for you, and you owe it to them to show your gratitude by gifting them properly. Many brides give out gifts at the rehearsal dinner.

Sometimes it’s something the girls can wear on the day of the wedding, like jewelry or shoes, or you can say thanks with a gift certificate to a spa, monogrammed PJs or robes, or a cute tote bag filled with special gifts handpicked with each bridesmaid’s interests and tastes in mind. As for a price range, it depends entirely on your budget. We think spending anywhere from $25 to $100 is a safe bet.” – The Knot


“There’s no wiggle room on this one—your friends are contributing their time and money, so it’s only fair that you and your groom show your appreciation with a present. It doesn’t have to be expensive—but some token of appreciation is definitely needed.” – Brides

Groomsmen Central

“The groomsmen are some of the most influential and important individuals in your life – they could be your brother, best friend or cousin. They also have a lot of duties that include planning your bachelor party and making sure you are ready for the big day.

Thus, some grooms would give gifts to them as a way of thanking them for being present during one of the most vital moments of your life. The proper timing as to when do you give groomsmen gifts is quite a dilemma that needs to be resolved.

Giving gifts to groomsmen may be overlooked by some, but history tells us that they play a prominent role not just in the life of the groom, but also the bride.” – Groomsmen Central

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