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Your bridesmaids are your closest friends and the women you’ve selected to be by your side when you say “I do” — so telling them how much they mean to you should involve more than a tacky keychain. If you’ve been wondering what sort of gift to give your bridesmaids as a token of appreciation for their special role in your wedding, this gift guide is for you! Here are a few ideas for giving your bridesmaids a personal present they will actually enjoy:

Bridesmaid Dresses

It might not sound impressive, but the truth is that most bridesmaids would be thrilled to know you’re footing the bill for their dresses. This is particularly helpful when you have friends who are tight on resources and struggling to cover their gowns.


Everybody appreciates a pretty necklace or bracelet, particularly when it’s high in quality and versatile. Look for something your girls can wear with their bridesmaids’ dresses and keep wearing for years to come, whether that means matching jewelry or jewelry that is specific to each girl. You don’t have to spend a ton of money (think Etsy or local crafters), but avoid cheap costume jewelry that will break in a few weeks.


Clutches or Handbags

Find a charming clutch to match your bridesmaids’ dresses, and give them the perfect accessory to complete their wedding look. Bonus points if you make it a particularly impressive designer clutch or, at least, something they can wear with other outfits in the future. Similar ideas include handbags, cosmetic bags or wallets. Or you may want to give them monogrammed overnight bags or wristlets.

Spa Day

Sometimes the best gift is not an object, but rather an experience. Give your girls a day at the spa and make them feel pampered and loved. Plus, this gift is something your entire bridal party can enjoy together, building relationships between friends who previously didn’t know each other well and setting the group up for more camaraderie on the wedding day.


Along the lines of a luxury spa day, treat your bridesmaids to beautiful robes they can wear while getting reading with the bridal party and in their own homes day to day. Look for robes that will feel special to your girls (i.e., something you yourself would want to own). If you all get ready together on the day of the wedding, robes make for fun photo opportunities, too.

Personalized Albums

When done well, handmade gifts are thoughtful and often more meaningful than generic presents. They can also add a personal touch that makes recipients feel cared for — and one such gift is a personalized album. If you have the time and the desire, you might make individual albums for each bridesmaid, including photos and memories from your relationship with that girl.

Fancy Soaps or Candles

Give your friends gifts that are as luxurious as they are practical. Soap and candles are both useful and enjoyable. Look for extra-special options like organic soaps from a local maker or candles with slick packaging.

When you’re trying to plan presents for your bridal party, the above list gives you a great place to start! But whatever gift you decide on, be sure to take the time to include a thoughtful note if possible, too. This is sometimes the most meaningful part of the present, and it gives you a chance to tell your closest friends how much they mean to you with words as well as gifts.