Top Wedding Invite Questions Part Two

Wedding invite questions.
Wedding invite questions.
Wedding invite questions.

Welcome to Part Two of this series! Review five more top wedding invite questions to make this important part of wedding planning go smoothly.

Question #6: How Do We Let Guests Know About The Dress Code?

Include the dress code on the lower right-hand corner of the invitation or reception card. Use wording such as “black-tie,” “casual attire,” “cocktail attire,” etc. The design of your invitation also makes it clear what kind of wedding is happening. If your invite is very formal and includes calligraphy and the like, guests will assume your wedding will also be formal. If you use a playful font and bold hues, guests will probably think the wedding is more casual in nature.

Question #7: Is It Okay To Invite Guests Without A “Plus One”?

Invite guests minus the “plus one” if they are not married or in a serious relationship. People generally understand that lack of this wording means they are coming to your wedding alone. If a guest RSVPs for two anyway, call the person and politely explain the situation. Whether you’re keeping the guest count low for financial reasons or because you simply want to have a small wedding, no one is going to judge you for it.

Question #8: If Our Reception Is For Immediate Family, Is It Okay To Invite Guests To The Ceremony Only?

No. Anyone attending your wedding should be invited to the reception. It is rude to invite people to see you get married without getting to party afterwards. Many people keep the ceremony small and the reception open to a larger group of people, which is just fine.

Question #9: Where Do I Put The Return Address On The Invitations?

Place the return address on the back flap of the envelope.

Question #10: I Invited My Friend And Her Boyfriend, But They Broke Up And Now She Wants To Take Someone I Dislike. What Should I Do?

Say no if you want, especially if you included the boyfriend’s name on the invitation!