Mix-and-Match Bridesmaid Fashion with Weddington Way

As we mentioned in our recent post, mismatched bridesmaid fashion is what’s hot for 2015. You know we love this trend, so we recently got lost in Weddington Way‘s selection of scrumptious mix-and-match styles. With endless designs to choose from — short, long, structured, tailored, flowy, you name it — and an easy DIY showroom to compare styles side by side, it couldn’t be more simple to assemble your leading ladies’ coordinated look.

Don’t quite know how or where to start? We recommend starting with something that truly inspires you and growing the theme from there. For us, we fell in love with the rustic plum bouquet below, which served as the inspiration for our mix-and-match look. While we were tempted to toss in multiple colors (like a deep navy or girly blush), we decided to streamline color  and length and make varying necklines the focus. If you attempt different necklines, lengths, fabrics and colors, it can get messy…fast. We’re picturing our styles — structured short frocks, each with its own neckline — accessorized with nude shoes, a luscious wrap and the plum bouquet below. Fall-time perfection, anyone? Enjoy.

Mix & Match Untitled design (1)