winter wedding
photo credit: Aron Meudt via photopin cc

Top 10 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

winter wedding
photo credit: Aron Meudt via photopin cc

If you’ve recently decided to tie the knot, one of the first things you may have considered is the timeframe of your engagement. When should you get married? What season, theme, and day of the week?

Although you may be quick to assume the cliché June wedding will actually be perfect, there are probably a few things you haven’t considered. For instance—ask any happily married woman about the downfalls of her special day.

She might reply: “the sun was too bright,” “the groom was sweating in all our photos,” “the bugs were out during the outdoor reception,” “I had to reapply my makeup a few times,” or “I had to go with my fourth choice for the venue.”

All of these common complaints can be avoided with a simple change of season. Summer weddings are beautiful, but winter weddings can be just as glamorous and breathtaking. Here are ten great reasons you should consider having a winter wedding:

1. More wardrobe options

Bring on the layers, cozy cardigans, and glamorous outerwear. A cooler temperature means you have more options for your dress, more options for your bridal party attire, and more ways to stay warm instead of sweating through your expensive gown during the summer months.

Think long sleeves (a la Kate Middleton), wool suits, and chic cashmere hats and scarves. Glam-status can also be achieved by a classic and timeless winter makeup look—such as red lips and black eyeliner.

2. Better photos

A cooler temperature also brings a more comfortable bride and groom. This makes for far better expressions, complexions, and genuine enjoyment during the photo shoot. Even if the two of you have to cuddle close together for warmth during the outdoor shots, it will likely feel more natural than a sweaty, posed picture. Plus, a scenic winter backdrop for your photos will be something you’ll both treasure for a long time.

3. Happier wedding guests

Spring and summer weddings are incredibly common. If you go with a winter wedding, you can avoid wedding-guest-burnout and have a better time. The off-season for weddings brings guests that are eager to shell out more cash and better presents because they didn’t just do the same thing the previous weekend. Make your day a true special occasion in the eyes of your guests and choose the off-season for everyone’s advantage.

4. More comfort food

A winter wedding allows for great, cozy options from the kitchen. Let your catering company bring in seasonal warm soups, hot cocoa, or comforting mashed potatoes to warm up your guests. These kinds of dishes are crowd favorites that can be created for any price range. Don’t forget the amazing winter cocktails—the hot toddy, spiced eggnog, and mulled apple cider bring additional winter charm to the table.

5. Less sweat

This point is pretty beneficial without much explanation. Cooler temperatures means bouncier curls, makeup that doesn’t melt off of your face, and a reception area that doesn’t feel as humid as a sauna. You don’t want to end up with stories straight from a wedding comedy. Basically, less sweat equals fewer problems on your special day

6. Better flowers

Similar to your up-do, your bouquets and centerpieces will stay better intact in cooler temperatures. There’s a reason they’re kept in a refrigerator until your wedding day! Your flowers will likely stay fresh all day and look fabulous in photos from your winter wedding.

7. Great décor options

Wintertime brings all sorts of classic and timeless décor for the home. These elements will be a stunning addition to your winter wedding. Think romantic, sparkling lights, seasonal bouquets, and silver and gold tones everywhere.

8. More celebration time

In the winter, the sun sets earlier and your party can begin much sooner. A dark night sky begins around 6pm, leaving you with plenty of time for reception festivities. Break out the champagne earlier and take advantage of the added night hours.

9. Better choice of venue

Choosing to wed during the off-season could give you many more options for wedding or reception venues. Unlike the spring or summer months, you won’t be in an endless competition with other couples for the best date, the best place, or the best photographer in your area.  You could even get additional discounts for booking during the wedding off-season.

10. Less cost

Last but definitely not least, expect to spend less overall on expenses for your winter wedding. You could save as much as 50% for a wedding in November through April, compared to a typical wedding in June. Venue, hotel, photographer, and catering prices will vary with the season. So, if your wedding budget is really important to you, this may be the most appealing reason to have your celebration in the winter.