How to Plan a Successful Wedding Theme


Weddings can take years to plan: after all, it is supposed to be the most important day of your life! When planning a wedding theme, though, it is all about the detail. If you are going to have a wedding theme then you need to make it as successful as possible by taking it all the way through each element of the day.

Some couples take their wedding theme to the extreme: for example, this Harry Potter themed wedding had over 166,000 shares online! By no means do you need to spend £20,000 to have the perfectly considered wedding theme, and so here is an example of a seaside or beach themed wedding to show you how you can carry a theme throughout right up to the finishing touches, helping you to create your dream wedding on a budget!

A Seaside Themed Wedding


The perfect invitation for a seaside themed wedding is of course – a message in a bottle! This can be delivered on a budget and is a great way to introduce your theme to your guests.


Any centrepiece that has shells, starfish, coral, and lanterns will fit in perfectly into a seaside theme. See some examples here for some inspiration.


You can definitely go all out with the cake – mermaids, seahorses, beach huts, sand and any other sea life you would like to work with. With this theme there are all sorts of ideas you can try out; be creative! Ideas such as a wedding cake that looks like a sandcastle would make a brilliant feature on your day.

Food and Drink

You may be wondering how the menu can reflect your seaside theme. How about sea food for the main course, ice cream for dessert and sex on the beach cocktails!


The decorations for a seaside wedding should be in pastel colours and pale blues, with some nautical touches here and there. You can still be aware of your budget here and use cheaper decorations that will still look great such as chalkboards with cute messages and round paper lanterns hung from the ceiling.


You can even work your theme right through to the bridesmaid’s accessories, why not buy a necklace or bracelet with sweet starfish or shell charm. The groomsmen could also have nautical style cufflinks to suit the theme.

Wedding Favours

Make up some small boxes or bags for each of yours guests and include a couple of small personalised treats such as a stick of rock with the name of your and your partner in the centre! You could also add your names to the bottle label of miniatures to go in the bag. Have a look at the Just Miniatures website for some personalised gifts.