Is It Okay to Email Wedding Invitations?

“Is it Okay to Email Wedding Invitations?”

It’s rare, but couples do it. Sending invitations for your wedding can be not only heavy on the budget but heavy on time. It’s tradition though. Sending out beautiful, printed invitations complete with stunning calligraphy addresses, it’s just part of the entire process.

But, the art of email can really help with headaches and wallets. Luckily, there are definitely ways to get by inviting your loved ones electronically but still doing it in a tasteful and stylish way.

A lot of the sites will help you design evites and even have some built-in RSVP functions to make tracking guests even easier. Keep in mind that the best way to go when sending an invitation over email is to go with an e-vite service such as Paperless Post or

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Emmaline Bride

“According to The Emily Post Institute, email wedding invitations are a definite wedding don’t. When you’re trying to decide between sending email wedding invitations or printed invites, we think printed is best. As a rule of thumb, The Emily Post Institute says if you would feel comfortable inviting someone to a particular event via telephone, an email invitation is acceptable. Since you probably wouldn’t invite someone to a wedding over the phone, email wedding invitations may not be a good idea. Here are seven reasons why we think so… but, of course, to each his (or her) own!” – Emmaline Bride

Refinery 29

“…email wedding invitations are gaining popularity. Economically, we can understand the shift; sending digital invites is a much cheaper and convenient way to notify people of your big day. But, according to Lizzie Post, an etiquette author, co-president of The Emily Post Institute, and host of the Awesome Etiquette Podcast, going paperless is still not appropriate for a wedding. Ahead, the etiquette expert breaks the reasoning down for us, along with other important rules of thumb you should commit to memory.” – Refinery 29

Town and Country

Your invitation sets the tone for the entire event. If you are going to the local justice of the peace, then gathering 40 friends at the local bistro, an e-vite festooned with doves holding a garland of flowers in their beaks will indeed suffice. If, on the other hand, you are having a full-on religious ceremony with sit-down dinner and dancing to follow (or, in the British tradition, an elegant pre-noon affair with groomsmen in “morning suits” and formal breakfast) you want an invitation consistent with the rest of the event. In such cases, nothing says “skimping” like an e-vite, however cute the doves are.” – Town and Country Mag

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