Q: How Can I Stick To My Wedding Budget?

Sticking to your wedding budget may seem like an impossible feat, but fear not. Use the following tips to ensure you remain within reasonable sight of the budget you’ve been working so hard on:


  • Write Down Changes/Adjustments: Write out all changes and adjustments you and your partner have agreed to. This avoids unpleasant misunderstandings later on.
  • Agree To The Budget: Make certain both of you agree to the budget and understand it completely. This makes a nice precursor to the post-wedding merging of finances.
  • Post The Budget List In A Visible Place: Hang your budget list on the refrigerator or anywhere else it’s highly visible and refer to it as needed. Make copies to carry around in your wallets if you want.
  • Find Ways To Cut The Fat: Look for areas that call for a budget reduction, especially if you need to compensate for new expenses, such as a guest who previously said he or she could not make it.
  • Remember To Prioritize: Prioritize your list based on what falls into the “must”, “maybe” and “maybe not” categories. For example, if you really want to save for that amazing wedding band you’ve been dreaming about, see if you can’t find an affordable caterer that still offers yummy food.
  • Reduce The Guest List: Reduce the guest list if you can. Yes, you may want to accommodate certain people, but others, such as your parents’ coworkers, don’t have to make the cut.
  • Remember “Float Room.” Leave some room to “float” with your wedding budget, such as when dealing a last-minute expense or something you both forget about completely. A slush fund that’s 10 to 15% of your budget is ideal, especially if said budget is tight.
  • DIY: DIY whatever you can, from the centerpieces to the wedding signage to the favors and beyond.

Keep these tips in mind and get to it! Have fun!