monogrammed wine tote
Monogram Wine Carrier, A Bridesmaids' Gift for Those Who Love to Sample the Grape!

Like Wedding Customization? Try Using Initials!

Customization is all the rage when it comes to weddings. Of course that can be done with wedding gowns, shoes or purses. But the absolute easiest way to customize items for your wedding is to add your initials to it.

Monograms are amongst the most popular ways to customize wedding items with initials. However, many are confused as to the order in which the initials should appear. Generally,

Personalized Napkins

the woman’s first initial appears first, followed by the married last name in a larger font size and the man’s first initial.

For example Hilary Smith and John Clark would be HCJ. For the purpose of weddings, the woman’s name is usually listed first since the woman is being given away to the groom in

traditional terms.

When using monograms for an individual the last name continues to be the largest letter and placed in the middle. Therefore, Sara Marie Hanson would be SHM.

Now that you know the best way to list initials, try placing them on the wedding item of your choice. Not exactly what to pick? Here’s a few options.

Wedding party gifts

Individual monograms are usually a popular choice for wedding party gifts, especially for the bridesmaids and flower girls. Canvas bags, towels and wine glasses are easily customized at specialty stores. Just make sure there are no wedding dates on the gifts.

monogrammed wine tote
Monogram Wine Carrier, A Bridesmaids’ Gift for Those Who Love to Sample the Grape!

Cake Decorations

Because animated cake toppers seem to be a thing of the past, more and more couples seem to find joy in placing their initials on top of the cake. In addition to the three-letter monogram, two-letter initials with an ampersand in the middle are also a very common choice. Those who are a fan of bedazzling often opt for cake toppers covered in Swarovski crystals.

monogram cake topper
Monogram Cake Topper

Want be really different? How about an ice sculpture of your initials?

Table Settings

If cake toppers aren’t your cup of tea, the dinning tables leave a lot of options for accessorizing with initials. Centerpieces can have initial appliques inserted into the assortments. Or make a bold statement with initialed seat covers, napkins or tablecloths. However, whatever you do be sure you don’t overwhelm your guests by choosing all of them.

Monogrammed Wedding Decorations


Many interior designers swear by lighting and are convinced that lights can make or break the décor of the room. The same applies to weddings and reception halls. Since you will most likely have many lights to fill the reception space, why not invest in a bright spotlight displaying your initials on the dance floor? The spotlight display will be large enough for all to see so there will be no need for you to worry about placing initials on anything else!

Although you can throw initials on almost any and everything, remember you don’t always need to. After all, your wedding guests care about you greatly so they don’t need a constant remind of who’s wedding they are attending. They already know!


Have you used initials or monograms in wedding decor or in your wedding theme? Do tell!