Why Getting Married Abroad Will Make Your Big Day Even More Special

Getting married abroad might seem like twice the amount of work as getting married at home. Thanks to all of the companies that offer packages and options for adventurous couples, getting married abroad is actually a lot easier – and a lot cheaper – than you’d think. The worst thing you’d probably have to worry about when you get married abroad is parking your car at the airport which is hardly a problem at all when you look at comparison sites to find the best airport parking deals. However, if you’re still not convinced that getting married abroad is a great idea, here are only a few reasons why your wedding would be so much more special in a different country:

You have more options to personalise the day

Sometimes weddings can get a bit cookie cutter. We all follow the same sort of fashions, rent out the same sort of venues and listen to the same music. By taking your wedding abroad you can avoid sticking with the safe options. You can choose almost everything about your wedding, right down to the weather, and have a wedding that speaks to you and your partner as a couple. Maybe you’ve both talked about going to New Zealand together. Well, this is your chance to give each other a great gift that you’ll never forget.

Be as untraditional as you want

Some people think that heels and tuxedos have been done to death. These are the adventurers and trend setters that should take their wedding overseas. Have you ever thought of getting married underwater? Perhaps you could tie the knot in a cave, or on a boat, or in ski boots as you make your way down a snowy mountainside? Getting married abroad lets you stray as far away from tradition as you want.

Stunning photos

Never again will you feel embarrassed showing off your family photos. Your wedding photos will be spectacular and so different from anything else you’ve seen. Run barefoot across a sunset beach with your new spouse or take your wedding on safari. Photos are important when it comes to remembering your first day of marriage, so why not make them spectacular?

Less money and less stress

One of the most stressful things about weddings is the cost. It’s hard to enjoy your special day when all you can think about is how long it’s going to take you to get your credit score back to what it was. However, with the right wedding package, your wedding abroad could actually cost half as much as a wedding at home. With the money you save you could probably have a holiday or extend your honeymoon. You could probably save even more money by honeymooning at your wedding location.

Get away from it all

When you have a wedding at home your problems aren’t far from your mind. You’re thinking about work and bills and how you’re going to get your drunken relatives home and all of your guests are leaving the party early because they have things to do the next day. A wedding abroad, on the other hand, is like a holiday for everyone. Everyone can take their time and enjoy the evening without stressing over all the problems they’ve put on hold. Everyone will be relaxed and want to make the most of their time away from home and your wedding will be so much more fun as a result.