“Wedding Brain”: 10 Things You Might Forget To Do

wedding brain


wedding brain

With so much going on before a wedding, it’s easy to let one, two or six things slip through the proverbial cracks. Rather than succumbing to “wedding brain,” check out 10 things you might forget to do….and remember to do them! Use the following as a checklist to ensure everything goes off without a hitch (pun intended):

1) Bring Your Marriage License

Kinda important in terms of making things official, yes?? Check with the jurisdiction where your wedding is happening and make note of deadlines and anything else you have to do, such as take a blood test. For best results, compile the necessary documents early on so you have everything you need and aren’t scrambling when it comes time to get the license.

2) Feed the Vendors

The vendors need to eat, too!  After all, they are working hard to ensure your day is flawless, and all that work will make tummies rumble! Provide your caterer with the number of vendor meals needed; most caterers offer such meals for half price, so don’t forget anyone, whether it be the DJ, photographer, videographer…you get the idea.

3) Order Favors

Favors aren’t required, but they do provide a nice touch and a thank-you to those attending your wedding. Try making a bulk order two months in advance and personalizing them as desired.

4) Remember the Guestbook…and Pens

Guestbooks are always nice at weddings, as you can look through them once the craziness is over and enjoy reading everyone’s well wishes. You might consider purchasing a book that has to do with your wedding location and have everyone write in it throughout the night. And don’t forget the pens!

5) Photograph the Invitation Suite

Want a shot or two of your invitation suite? Add it to your list of wedding pictures and talk about it with the photographer. You’ll be glad you did!

6) Obtain Toasting Flutes and a Cake Knife

If you receive these as bridal shower gifts, great, if not, remember to buy or otherwise order them. You may also want to use the ones your parents did, but whatever you decide, make sure you bring them on your wedding day!

7) Pack the Chargers

Make certain you have the right chargers, whether using a DJ, band, or your own iPod. You don’t want the music to stop because a battery died! Additionally, charge your phone overnight so it’s ready to go for your honeymoon.

8) Pack the Passport and Identification, Too

Ensure your passport is up-to-date if honeymooning outside of the U.S., and don’t forget your driver’s license or other viable form of ID. Airport security will not let you on a plane with expired identification!

9) Write Thank-You Notes

After the wedding, you’ll need to write more than a few thank-you notes. Send them out no later than two months after the wedding…spend 15 minutes per day on them so you don’t feel overwhelmed!

10) Create Online Reviews

Show those who made your wedding a success some love! Write glowing reviews of how much you loved their services on Yelp and similar sites. Your vendors will love it!