Music is one of the most important details of the big day, and believe it or not, something that needs to be thought of well in advance because good DJs and live bands book up fast. For some couples, deciding between a live band and a DJ is a no-brainer (they have family friends in …

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wedding brain

  With so much going on before a wedding, it’s easy to let one, two or six things slip through the proverbial cracks. Rather than succumbing to “wedding brain,” check out 10 things you might forget to do….and remember to do them! Use the following as a checklist to ensure everything goes off without a …

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wedding week checklist

15 Things To Do Your Wedding Week The week before a wedding is usually pretty darn crazy, and it can be easy to forget one (or 10) tasks that still need finishing. Rather than freaking out as you get closer and closer to the big day, check out 15 things to do the week before your …

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Every perfect wedding, wedding planner and bride has a secret. That secret is usually about a minor wedding disaster that has been averted, as the odds of certain things going wrong when you add alcohol, families and strong personalities together is almost a guarantee! The best way to prepare for a disaster is to expect …

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ipod wedding

In recent years, there has been a trend towards “iPod weddings.” In other words, couples program their music to an iPod and then rent a speaker system. The music is put on auto-pilot, and for special songs, a friend or family member operates the iPod. The main attraction of this configuration is the perceived “cost …

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wedding dj questions

In years past, mobile disc jockeys were a rare breed. In the days prior to CDs, DJs were required to own and transport their cumbersome vinyl collections to an event. Fast forwarding to 2012, nearly all DJs perform from a laptop computer using MP3s. Equipment costs have plummeted, and professional audio equipment is readily available …

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Often couples have no idea what songs or music lend themselves best to each tradition. They often look to the wedding DJ to get the benefit of their experience and expertise without pushing them to do what the professional thinks is best. After all, it’s YOUR wedding!

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disc jockeys

You enter the room to cheers and glasses tapping and you see some guy standing behind the DJ equipment wearing a t-shirt and jeans that you have never met before pronouncing your name incorrectly. Who is this guy and what is he doing at our wedding? Where is the DJ we booked?

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wedding dj

If you’re like most couples planning a wedding, you want wedding reception entertainment that pleases you and your guests alike. But, you’re probably not sure about how hire the best wedding DJ, right? If this sounds like you, read our list of hiring and interviewing suggestions from a professional wedding DJ and stop stressing about …

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