Booked A Disc Jockey For Your Wedding? WARNING: Watch Out For the Old Bait & Switch

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It’s your wedding day and you have been getting ready for it ever since you first met. Everything is perfect; flowers, ceremony, photographer, table-setting, dress, tux and your families arrived safe, just the way you planned it! It is time to enter the reception hall for the first time as husband and wife with all your friends and family waiting in excited anticipation. You enter the room to cheers and glasses tapping and you see some disc jockey standing behind the wedding DJ equipment wearing a t-shirt and jeans that you have never met before pronouncing your name incorrectly. Who is this guy and what is he doing at our wedding? Where is the wedding DJ we booked?

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Think this is weird? Well, actually, that scenario plays out all too often and it only takes one time, one wedding…YOUR wedding. It has become a sad, but somewhat common, practice for DJ companies to sell you on one DJ and have another show up. When hiring wedding DJ you thought you had chosen somebody perfect. The wedding DJ that you picked was one you interviewed, felt comfortable with,  shared phone conversations and emails. You discussed the music, your favorite songs and the ones you don’t want to hear, order of events, dress code, pronunciation of family members names and all the MC duties till all three of you felt you were on the same page. Now some other disk jockey is here whom you have never met before DJing your wedding!

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Hint #1: When signing the contract with your DJ, make certain it clearly states which DJ will be the one providing services at your wedding. Do not let them choose for you, unless you get to make the final decision.  They can pick one out for you but make sure you are comfortable with the one they choose. It is your wedding and you get to choose. Chances are that a good professional agency will pick out the right DJ for you but it is still in your best interest to have the final say.

Hint #2: Have direct communication with your DJ before the event to make sure they have your playlist, special songs, order of events, names of those being announced, proper clothing (don’t laugh) and understand how you want your wedding to transpire. This is crucial. Even the best DJs want to know before showing up what is expected and needed to perform their work effectively. Sure, we can improvise, and often do, when necessary, but having a plan is helpful for all involved and limits misunderstandings at your event.

Hint #3: It is your wedding! You may have as much or as little input into your disk jockey service as you wish. A good disc jockey knows how to form a good balance between guiding a couple and allowing them the freedom of choice. Again, it is your wedding!

This is a huge milestone day in your life, so get what you contracted for and the wedding DJ you like.

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