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Planning Your Wedding? Remember To ENJOY It!

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Yes, planning a wedding is stressful. No, it doesn’t have to mean flipping out on daily basis! After all, you’re planning one of the most romantic and significant days of your life, so remember to breathe and enjoy it!

A Special Time

Being engaged and planning your wedding is a very special time in terms of your relationship with your fiancé. Both of you are excited about spending the rest of your lives together and are undoubtedly making all kinds of plans, including plenty that extend past the wedding day! Enjoy those conversations about where you want to go for your honeymoon, or where you hope to build your dream house. And don’t forget to rely on each other, either–planning a wedding can be challenging, so why take it out on each other? You are each other’s support system, so remember you’ll make it through together, and that no matter what, your wedding will be awesome!

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Vendor Connection

Make vendor selection a little easier and more enjoyable by choosing ones you feel a special connection with. This could be as simple as finding vendors you like and trust instantly, or contacting friends, neighbors and family. For example, does your cousin own bake shop? Is a family friend also a DJ? How about neighbors who work as session musicians, or an uncle who runs a flower shop? However you find your vendors, make sure these people are enthusiastic about their work as well as your wedding. It will save you plenty of stress knowing you’re dealing with people you trust who want the very best for your big day.

wedding planning ideas
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Don’t Forget to Take Time for You (And Your Groom)

You may have what feels like a million things to do, however you still need to give yourself a break every once in awhile. Relax and unwind with a glass of your favorite vino while taking a bubble bath, or treat yourself and your groom to his-and-her massages. Order takeout on the nights you just can’t imagine cooking dinner–don’t worry, you’ll still fit into your dress! Talk a walk in a local park, play with your dog or cat, watch your favorite show…do whatever you need to do to de-stress! You’ll be happier and calmer throughout the whole planning process!

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Keep these tips in mind and remember to BREATHE! You don’t want to look back on your engagement and planning and wish you had enjoyed it more, right?

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