How To Choose Your Wedding Rings: A Few Basic Rules To Follow


Rings are probably one of the most important aspects of the wedding (sorry ladies – not even a wedding dress is that important!). After all, you are going to carry these symbols of your eternal love for a rest of your life, so it is crucial to choose your weddings rings right.

But how to make a good decision and how to choose the best rings you can? Follow these few rules we are going to share today and enjoy stress-free shopping for sure!

Start early

Nothing can help you more to find those two perfect rings than starting your search early. Ideally, you should start looking for rings about two or three months before the big day. This way you will get the best opportunity to discover really what you want; check the price ranges and visit a few different jewelry stores too. Plus, keep in mind that creating a custom set of rings takes even more time. So, for instance, if you are looking for engraved rings, give it three to four months for the search.

Budget, budget, budget!

Surely, another thing you should really take care of before heading to the jewelry store is your budget. Keep in mind that in many cases rings costs vary from very little, to very big, and it is always healthy to have a strict budget in mind. A plain gold ring can start at $330; while plain platinum one can cost almost twice as much as gold one. Not to forget additional decorative elements like diamonds or other precious stones, also engraving, that will increase prices even more. You can also try skipping expensive jewelry stores and even choose to get your rings (if you are really on a strict budget) at regular retail stores like Kohls. With some discount codes and coupons from ChameleonJohn, you can purchase those rings even cheaper.

Be practical

Another aspect you should consider is your style and your lifestyle. If you usually wear simple and plain clothing, an expensive all diamonds covered wedding ring might be super impractical and not matching at all. Wedding ring will be with you no matter the occasion and the dress code, so primarily the best style should be pure and simple (that will reflect on prices too – so that is good!). Also, rings should feel comfortable as well, because you don’t really don’t want to feel that ring on your all the time. Besides, if you work with your hands, better choose a streamlined ring with little to no frills.

Plan the future

Surely, then you are getting married, you are planning a long term future with your spouse, but we should also remind you this before you are searching for your wedding rings. It is always okay to be trendy, but you should also remember that you are going to wear that ring for a rest of your life. This means that after 40 years that super trendy ring you bought in 2016 might look a bit odd. The best choice here is the undying classic ring styles which can be upgraded with diamonds in the future if needed, engraved and decorated as much as you want.

Size it

And, as mentioned before, you should really consider the size of the ring too. You are going to wear that ring during all season of the year, during pregnancies and weight loss or gains, and that perfect ring should fit you during all these stages of life. So, to get the actual right size for you, do your final fitting only then your body’s temperature is normal, it is not too hot or cold, and you are calm. You should also avoid fitting rings in the morning. It might be difficult to fit all these conditions, but that is the only way how you can get the right size which will stay with you forever.