Playing Around With Pretty, Golden Stripe Details

Play around with some pretty, golden stripe details at your preppy and posh wedding! From the cake to the dress a bit of these simple accents can infuse personality and youthful charm.

c393554dcf038fa963415add327f18faAdd some funk and jazz up the stripes by using chevron details, with some sparkle you’ll add festive spirits to your formal affair.

ceebd898ae8ec00424021d726e9dd8b4Simple and sleek with a preppy vibe, this cake can blend into a variety of seasons and themes.

c7fd4cf7ece43f505fc03d197aff9f61You can even think about the smallest of details, like what your guests will sip their signature drinks with.

4183e1ca969d9a3ae3aff531fdf5e521Your ladies in waiting may want to be dressed in an offbeat, striped design for your springtime afternoon celebration.

c171fd7213f43e0e7cbedb361c921fcbOr dress yourself in some posh and preppy stripes, from head to toe!

3ca6984f8233b6229b5b6d39ba8f9c3eWhen thinking about details, think about your groom too – he may even want to dawn some stripes in his ensemble.

707f014b13dad420b8c91b17907cc5d0That same details can thread throughout the entire affair, including on the invite!

96d6b0dfc4850433c1c79e097a956863Think about the tablescape too and what accents and intricacies can be brought into the place settings!

532554b75098908d4227ce07993197ddEven the dessert table could be dressed in the stripes, even some bite-sized macaroons!

0fd0ab1d7c6aed53289ecd64c7dc3731Jazz up a chic, striped cake with some floral details too – and sparkle – while staying with the preppy appeal.

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