They’re pretty, plump and the perfect shade of peachy pink. They’re pomegranates, and we love everything about them, especially when it comes to weddings.

From nestling them in your bouquet to adorning the cake, decorating tables or flavoring a champagne cocktail, pomegranates pack punch wherever you place them. Perhaps our favorite use of the fruit is to hold name cards, as they have built-in stems that hold them just right.

Because of their bright hue, pomegranates are an easy match with other colors. Pair it with woodsy greens and deep maroons for a wintery scene, with navy and white for a preppy pop, or with lemons and oranges for happy harmony.

Check out these picturesque pomegranate pics:

Pomegranates and books in the forest. Absolutely beautiful. It just looks like it has a story.
Lauren and Bailey | Columbia SC Wedding Photography | Charleston & Hilton Head Island Wedding Photography