Hiring Your Wedding DJ, Communication is King!

One of the fun parts of being a vendor for weddings is the opportunity to meet and spend time with each couple before their wedding. I used to get uncomfortable with the process,  knowing how much stress many couples experience. Today, it is one of my favorite parts of being a wedding DJ because it allows me, along with the bridal couple, a chance to plan ahead to actually alleviate that stress and soak up all of the excitement.

As more of us disc jockeys are including emcee services, we’re playing an even  larger role in the big day.  This is why communication is critical. The couple and the DJ need to be able to stay in touch  before and during the entire planing process.

Don't Let Your Wedding Day Fall Flat - Communication Is King!

It is not unusual for a young couple to be uncertain about the order of events at weddings- introductions, first dance, cake cutting, dinner, garter and bouquet and any other family traditions they want to include. Brides and grooms often have different ideas about how and when things will happen, without ever having discussed it. I try my best to support them, and offer my experience, but allow them to make their own decisions. Communication!

A good example occurred recently as I sat down with a bridal couple to discuss the planning of when to cut the cake and when to do the garter/bouquet toss. They thought garter and bouquet before the cutting of the cake. I suggested that cake cutting is a more intimate and formal tradition and the garter/bouquet often become fun and high energy, making a great segue to begin the dancing and partying portion of the night. They looked at each other, laughed and simultaneously said, “ I never thought about that.”  They talked about it and agreed to change the order to allow us to move right into letting loose after the bouquet toss. Of course, it would have been fine their way, but experience has shown me that it works better as I mentioned. Again, communication.

Often couples have no idea what songs will be good for what tradition. They look to their DJ for professional guidance , offering expertise without forcing our idea of the perfect song. After all, it is your wedding! More communication.

It used to be that the bride’s mother did the bulk of the wedding planning. That is not always the case today. Young couples often have to figure all this out on their own and don’t always have experience with hiring professionals or organizing a big event. It is an honor when we (the wedding vendors) can help and support them in the process of planning fun and memorable wedding entertainment.

I encourage anyone planning their wedding to involve the DJ in the organization of the music and the sequence of events. Professional disc jockeys don’t have an emotional stake in the wedding, as do family and friends, so they can offer you perspective without underlying motives that are not in your best interest. Hire an experienced DJ and he/she will be your trusted ally as you move closer to the big day.  And remember, most people are busy having fun at a wedding, only remembering the flubs. The rest ‘just happens’. The goal for the professionals orchestrating your wedding is only for you to remember that you had the time of your life!