Tips for a Fun and Fabulous Costume Wedding

Does the traditional white wedding seem overly formal and intimidating to you? If you want your wedding to be one to really remember, a costumed theme is a great alternative to the usual ceremony. A little bit silly and romantic in equal measures, costume weddings showcase your personality as a couple and can be tailored to your interests. Here are a few tips to ensure that your day goes off without a hitch.

Get ready to commit.

Obviously, you’re the type who’s not afraid of commitment or you wouldn’t be getting married. For something a bit quirky like a costume wedding, you need to be fully on board with the theme. That means both partners need to be way into the idea, rather than just the bride or groom. If this doesn’t sound fun to both of you, don’t go through with it!

Be flexible with your theme.

If you’re too rigid with your theme, it can be hard for guests to find costumes and they may be discouraged. A more flexible or general theme invites everyone to play along, which of course looks better in photos. Something broad like “the 1920’s” or “comic book characters” will give your guests lots of options.

Choose a theme that guests will be familiar with.

You also don’t want to be too specific with the theme because you want something all the guests will be familiar with. Everyone knows what a Star Wars theme is, but not everyone will be a West World fan. For this reason, one of the most popular themes for weddings is something general like the medieval era. Tudor or Game of Thrones-style weddings are fun to put together because it’s easy for guests to find costumes for all ages, and a common theme like this can also be carried over into catering and entertainment.

Have spare props or costumes on hand.

The larger the wedding, the greater the chance that not all guests will get the fancy dress memo. Keep a few spare props or extra costumes around so guests will not feel left out. Stock up on Star Wars costumes UK or Tudor hats to let everyone participate in your big day. Be prepared to have a lot of questions before the day as well, as your guests may wish to check in and ask for costume advice.

Offer a photo booth to capture memories.

Be sure that everyone’s hard work and effort is recognized! Dish out compliments or hold a costume contest to recognize everyone who’s gone above and beyond with your theme. You should also be sure to include a photo booth at the reception so that guests can get a little bit silly and take away fun mementos from the day.

Whether or not guests participate in the costume theme, thank them all for coming. A wedding like this is a great way for guests to break the ice at the reception and can create lasting memories for the bride, groom, and the wedding party alike. With a little-advanced planning, your event will be as unique as you are.