Groom Is Wearing Burnt Orange. Groomsmen Are Wearing Red. What Should Ushers Wear?

I have a bit of a dilemma in what my ushers are going to wear. My fiance and I are very simple people we aren’t looking for a big wedding nor do we want a lot of decorations but when it comes to what everyone is wearing we are having a bit of trouble. My fiance is going to be in a burnt orange vest and tie, his best man in a red vest and red tie, then the rest of the groomsmen are going to be in a red vest with a black tie. My problem is what should I put the ushers in? We were trying to decide on red shirts with black ties but I can’t find red shirts that I actually like, I thought about burnt orange shirts but my fiance wants to be the only one in burnt orange and I agree. What would be an alternative for what my ushers are in? My colors are red, burnt orange, black, and white.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Well, let’s make this simple. All men should be dressed the same, except that your fiance could wear a different colored vest or tie.

If your wedding is simple, it sounds like you have too many attendants. We only have many attendants for very formal weddings with many guests invited.

Donna, Wedding Queen

I agree. if you’re looking for simplicity, I’d go with some classic suits with white shirts. All men should be in the same suits though.

Elysa Ross,

There is already alot going on with strong colors. Keep your ushers within in the same color theme as to not overwhelm. Being that the groomsmen are wearing red vests and black ties-I suggest that the ushers wear the same. Hope this helps!

Erin Sharplin Love, Panache by Erin

Certified Fashion and Image Consultant, Certified Wedding Coordinator and Etiquette Expert, Professional Organizer

I agree with the other experts. It sounds like you have alot going on. Setting the groom apart from the groomsmen is ok, but otherwise all participants in the wedding should be dressed the same. You can never go wrong with a simple black suit and white shirt.

Jenna Zielbauer, Wedding Style Consultant and Blogger

If you and your fiance are simple people, let’s keep the looks simple. The groom should always stand out so putting him in a unique color tie and vest is a great idea. I am a huge fan of the groom also in white as it is classic, simple and he will coordinate with the bride in pictures while the groomsmen are in a color. If you decide to go forward with your groom in burnt orange let’s keep things simple and have the groomsmen (best man too) and ushers all in black ties with red pocket squares. This way you get your pop of color but the overall look of the group is cleaner and everyone coordinates. You and your hubby to be should be the focus of the day (and wedding pictures) you don’t want the many different colors to distract from that.