How to Create and Deliver a Unique Best Man Speech on Your Bestie’s Wedding

A wedding is not an everyday event; therefore, it is an honor to be the best man at your bestie’s wedding. Delivering unique best man speeches is not an easy task. It can be an emotional thing for you most especially if the groom is your closest buddy. Since you will be endowed with a lot of responsibilities, it is important that you deliver an outstanding and engaging speech confidently. Here are some tips to create and deliver an outstanding best man speech at your best friend’s wedding;

Give an excellent opening line

Short jokes or may be one liner could be a great way to get started with the speech. You can find the ideas for the jokes from kid’s books. But make sure you adapt them to the wedding environment so that they are relevant. Once you start with your jokes it is better that you direct it to yourself and not to the groom, or maybe your relationship with the groom, this will warm up your audience and catch their attention.

Have unique speech structure

You will definitely have many serious and funny bits to share about your buddy, from his leather jacket and drunken days to his oh-so-serious phase. You can mention some of them, but you have to remember that audience wants to laugh and be happy. So, you should know how to bring in the comic relief in your speech. Importantly, whatever you say should have a sense of clarity.

Introduce your self

Let everyone know how you met the groom and how your friendship has been the most amazing thing in your life.  There will be so many in the crowd who might not know who you are, so this personal introduction is necessary. However, this part can be kept brief. If you wish you can drag it by talking about the adventures you two had, it’s amazing. Besides, this is the right time to poke fun at your bestie. However, you should also remember that you limited time for your speech.

Say beautiful things about your friend

Come on! You cannot talk all nuisances about your friend throughout the speech, although it’s absolutely fine in friendship, not on his wedding at least. So, let him and the audience know how special he is to you and how has he been all these years. Thank him for what he is and how he has been so supportive all throughout. You can also involve the bride and how the groom met her. You can even talk a bit about the groom’s parents and your relationship with his family. If he is your friend from school, you will surely have so many things to share. There might be a lot of things about the groom that the audience might not know. Share them and have a good laugh. This can be a good way to share some funny and intriguing moments. You can even ask your buddy to say some, involving the groom and sometimes the audience can keep the show going.

Give the toast

Give advice to the couple and raise a toast to them. While wishing for their health and happy married life, make sure that the bride’s name comes first.

When you are done with that you can just take your seat and enjoy the event with the audience and the couple. Of course, you will get applauds too!