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Wedding Gifts To Couples Living Together Before Marriage

 Wedding Gift Tips For Couples Living Together

Are you required to give a gift to a couple that have been living together for a number of years,and have 2 children? What is proper etiquette ? 

Wedding Eqituette Expert

If you are attending their wedding, you are obligated to send them a gift.

Wedding Queen

Technically, if you’re invited to a wedding you should send a gift. However, thanks for pointing out one of the reasons couples should reconsider hosting full-blown weddings after they have been living together, having children and then deciding to marry after years of being a family. I’m not saying they shouldn’t marry, they should, of course. But, it’s obviously confusing to their guests.

Reader Response

Absolutely! Except, I’m not so much “confused” as I am a little disturbed at what’s on the registry.

I think it’s a little tacky to ask for gifts after you’ve been living together for a long time and have already had children together – but maybe that’s just me. A wedding celebration is completely understandable, but asking for household items that you should already have is a little much in my book. It just tells me that they’d like to have something brand-new, and a wedding is a perfect way for them to get it without paying for it themselves.

But, I can say that even though the people who’ve invited me and my husband to their wedding have picked out some EXPENSIVE stuff for their registry @ Bed, Bath and Beyond — they’ve also registered less costly items at Target.

Either way – I’m still just happy they’re finally making it official. She deserves it.

Wedding Queen

You sound like a good friend and I’m sure you’ll select a terrific gift – one that will please you both. You’d be shocked to learn how many couples are hosting “weddings” for themselves after they have been married for a while and some have a few children. They feel like they missed out after having a civil ceremony.

Creating a Wedding Registry: Tips for Those Already Living Together

When many couples move in together long before marriage, the idea of getting all your furniture for your home becomes a little pointless. By the time your wedding rolls around you probably have all the pots and pans you could ever need. You could skip the registry and end up with a bunch of stuff you don’t want or need, which doesn’t make much sense. Accepting that a wedding registry is something even couples who live together should set up, here is a list of ideas for using a registry.

Practical Or Fun: Think about all those items you need on an occasional or day-to-day basis, and register for them. Do you have a good flashlight or snow shovel? Gardening set and plants?

Fun: You should also look for fun things you wouldn’t normally splurge on. Obvious low risk items include board games and cook books. If you’re into the barbeque you can ask for tools or even a smoker.

Upgrades: This is your chance to make an update to some of your older stuff. Nicer dishes, a better blender, or anything you’d like to improve on. These cooking-and-dining items form the backbone of most wedding registries.

Donations: Don’t forger those less fortunate. If you really don’t need anything for your home, then consider asking for donations in lieu of a gift.