Cardboard box with zero waste bridesmaids gifts inside
Image Source: Etsy - ElliesEcoShopGB.

10 Zero Waste Bridesmaid’s Gifts

We get it! Finding gifts for weddings that show your love and appreciation while also being practical can be challenging—especially when you’re shopping for your bridesmaids. And if you’re a planet-conscious person, you may be in for an even more significant challenge.

Luckily, we’re here to help. We looked far and wide, and found some pretty incredible zero-waste bridesmaid’s gifts.

What Is a “Zero Waste” Bridesmaid’s Gift?

Products classified as zero-waste are all-natural and help reduce our impact on the environment. They’re also growing more popular with time. In addition, these products are made without many dangerous chemicals that can pose threats to humans and the planet.

If you’re on the hunt for a bridesmaid gift, your best gals will not only love but appreciate the eco-conscious qualities in these products. Now, let’s look at some of these incredible gifts we’re sure your bridesmaids will love.

Our Top 10 Zero Waste Bridesmaid’s Gifts

#10: Recycled Vintage 1960’s Green Beer Bottle Sterling Silver Botanical Leverback Earrings

These magnificent sterling silver, green earrings are made from salvaged broken antique beer bottles! The glass comes from shattered vintage 1960’s green beer bottles from Pennsylvania’s woods and farmlands, crushed and fired into the magnificent sterling silver floral setting’s 8mm gem-like core.

The glass is then wrapped in delicate leaves, flowers, and vines, and the entire construction hangs from sterling silver 16mm lever-back ear wires. “The Story of the Glass” is included with each item of “Bottled Up Designs,” documenting the history and age of the glass used. Pretty cool, if you ask us.

Recycled Vintage green beer glass earringsImage Source: Amazon – “Bottled Up Designs

#9: Cork Clutch Handbag

The Vegan, eco-friendly cork clutch handbag comes with a detachable shoulder strap. On the inside, it is fully lined. It’s a beautifully rustic, bohemian bag made of cork and cotton. And it is a perfect gift idea for bridesmaids that are big on zero-waste products.

  • Price: $30-$35 USD
  • Where to Buy: Etsy

Vegan cork handbag with shoulder strapImage Source: Etsy – Cork Bag Vegan Boho Handbag by OtakeValouElo

#8: Zero Waste Toiletries Kit

This eco-friendly toiletries kit is full of reusable beauty products, including makeup pads, shampoo soap, nail brushes, and bamboo toothbrushes. All of these items are perfect for travel and not detrimental to the environment. They’re also safe to use.

Bridesmaids who want to take care of themselves while taking care to reduce their carbon footprints will appreciate this tasteful, useful, and responsible item. It also comes with a jute bag that can be conveniently closed with a double drawcord rope.

  • Price: $12-$30 USD
  • Where to Buy: Etsy

Zero Waste Tolietries Kit with bamboo toothbrushImage Source: Etsy – TheSlowLivingCompany

#7 Slip Silk Sleep Mask

Cotton mops up moisture and can make the skin dry out. But with the Slip Silk Sleep Mask, you don’t have to worry about all that, since the mask absorbs less moisture than cotton. This allows your skin to moisturize and also reduces potentially irritating friction with your pillowcase.

On top of that, this mask is eco-friendly and can stand the test of time. Your bridesmaids will definitely sleep easier with this gift!

  • Price: $50-$65 USD
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

Young woman sitting on bed in floral robe putting on pink silk sleep maskImage Source: Amazon – Slip Silk Sleep Mask

#6: Biovessel – Eco Living Composter Powered by Food Waste

The Biovessel is perfect on the kitchen counter. It is an indoor ecosystem designed to redefine waste, both inspired by nature and designed to help bring nature into the modern home.

This composter is pretty easy to use—it’s self-sufficient and checks for light, pH levels, and soil levels while using food waste to grow new plants. The ecosystem comes with seven liters of bedding soil that have composting worms. These worms help break down compost items and turn them into nutrients.

  • Price: $199 USD
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

Living composter powered by food waste with plant growing from potImage Source: Biovessel Eco Living Composter by Food Waste via Amazon

#5: Corkor Cork Purse Vegan Handbag for Women

The Corkor-manufactured handbag is proof that eco-friendly products can be cute. It is a perfect choice for someone looking for alternatives to leather products. The purse is free from animal cruelty, has room for many pockets, and is handy for day-to-day commuting.

  • Price: $99.50
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

Cork tote bag on white backgroundImage Source: The Corkor Store via Amazon

#4: Linen Scarves by lapelisStudio

These beautifully feminine, pastel linen scarves are also a fantastic choice for bridesmaids’ gifts. They are made from 100% natural linen, and they’re versatile; you can make a couple of fashion statements with them. They work perfectly as wraps or scarves and come in different colors like lilac, pink, and others.

  • Price: $45-$50
  • Where to Buy: Etsy

Group of 3 eco-friendly pastel linen scarfs hanging from wood rodImage Source: Etsy – Iapelis Studio

#3: Macrame Rope Woven Tote

The woven bag is handmade from paper and other eco-friendly materials. It is a fantastic way to make a fashion statement with your tote. This is an example of when rustic, earthy elements form perfectly to create a beautifully fashionable and practical accessory that is spacious, durable, and chic.

  • Price: $89.59
  • Where to Buy: Etsy

Woman dressed in white holds large eco-friendly macrame handbagImage Source: Etsy – HarpyKnot

#2: Spiral Wooden Luxury Aromatherapy Candle

This one-of-a-kind visual and aromatic experience can improve practically any surroundings. Your bridesmaids will love using this multi-dimensional scent to permeate their space whenever they need to unwind.

This candle’s spiral wooden wick produces a lovely and unique flickering flame, as well as a soothing crackling sound that may remind you of sitting in front of a fireplace on a cold night.

These hand-poured candles are made with a high-quality coconut apricot wax and beeswax blend, perfumed with essential oils and exquisite fragrance oils, and created with a precise candle-making technique that allows for unrivaled enjoyment.

And the best part is that you can repurpose the artistically adorned glass vase as either home décor or a storage container once the candle is finished!

  • Price: $102.41
  • Where to Buy: Etsy

Spiral wooden luxury aromatherapy candle on wooden shelf near windowImage Source: Etsy – ChristinaLinDesign

#1: Bamboo Naturals Makeup Brushes

These makeup brushes are extremely versatile and can be utilized with all kinds of beauty products, be they liquids, powders, or even creams. They come as a five-piece set, including an angled eyeliner brush, smudge brush, liquid foundation brush, eye shadow brush, and powder foundation brush.

These brushes are completely organic and easily match any sort of luxury beauty collection. Your bridesmaids might even use them to apply makeup before their own weddings one day!

Bamboo naturals makeup brushes on carpetImage Source: Amazon – Bamboo Luxury Store

Finding the Perfect Zero Waste Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

When you’re planning a wedding, there are a thousand things to check off your to-do list. And one of the most important is getting your tribe a trinket or gift to show your appreciation for their support—not to mention their investment of time and money in your “I Do’s!” Bridesmaid’s gifts are a great way to do that, and if you can find items that are meaningful and friendly to our planet, they’re even better.

For more eco-friendly wedding ideas, check out our article on How to Have a Sustainable Wedding (& Love It)! And for the boys, be sure to browse our list of 7 Awesome Groom and Groomsmen Gift Ideas.