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7 Awesome Groom and Groomsmen Gift Ideas

There are a lot of traditions that have been given the boot and there have been a variety of traditions that have been completely changed, or twisted, and revamped. But there’s not much to makeover about a thank you gift, unless it is the gift itself. So long are the traditional bits and bobbles that get thrown to the wayside. Instead, functional, fun pieces are what’s in style and on trend – and that goes double for the groom and groomsmen.

Even though they don’t get as much attention as the women of the day, the men still have a lot of questions to answer and details to plan. For example, what will the groomsmen wear? Or what should the bride surprise the groom with? Boudoir photos are still fun but watches seem to always be a go-to gift, and for good reason. A good watch is a can’t-go-wrong type of gift. In fact, read up on some different watch brand reviews and find out which may strike his fancy. Of course, we are big fans of practical gifts too.

So, we did some homework and created an updated list of 7 awesome groom and groomsmen gift ideas that you will want to read up on. Take a peek below!

7 Awesome Groom and Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Tic Watches

black Armani mens watch

At Tic Watches, you can find some of the most popular, designer watches. Armani, G-Shock, and even Diesel can be found on their list with no replicas clouting their stores. Scroll through their updated selections to find a new model for your groom-to-be’s collection and know you are getting authentic, beautiful designs as better price points.

Men’s Basic LuluLemon Tee

male model wearing white Lululemon tshirt

Throw one of these bad boys in your groomsmen gift bags. These tees come in a variety of colors, have some of the best customer reviews, and will easily become a long-time favorite to each of the men at your party. Snag everyone a classic white or black, or grab everyone a color that fits their personality.

Patent Prints

sports prints on brick wall above leather couch

There’s all types you can find. Sports, electronics, and even beer prints could liven up a man cave or home office. Find one that fits your guy’s personality and interests. You may even want to get one framed to complete the gift and have it ready-to-hand in the house.

Bespoke Post

bespoke post sub box contents

One of the coolest new subscription boxes for men is the Bespoke Box. It is literally filled with “awesomeness” and that includes some of the latest and greatest of innovations. Each box is personalized and filled with a mix of goodies – from cocktail mixes to outdoor tools.

Yeti Carryall

yeti carryall

Yeti is already a brand you can trust and this bag is a lifetime help to whoever is lucky enough to be gifted with it. This Carryall Tote can go on any adventure and serve as an all-purpose, easy-to-clean duffle. Take it to the games or take it camping, it’s ready for the journey.

Echo Dot

echo dot

Echo Dots are some of the coolest and most helpful of gifts. We are all about practicality and function, and an Echo Dot can help your dudes’ days go by a little smoother. They play music, help make to-do lists, set alarms and create reminders!

Cocktail Courier

Cocktail Courier

And finally, grab a subscription to the Cocktail Courier for a groom that loves a good mixer. Each month he will get all the ingredients to make a new (and delicious) cocktail. Honestly, it’s a gift for you too. He’ll learn how to create the drinks and you’ll get to try every one of them!