The Perfect Practical Groomsmen Gifts

Practical Groomsmen Gifts

Groom’s gifts tend to be focused around alcohol, sport, and tools, but men don’t fit into one box, so why should groomsmen gifts? You give your groomsmen a gift as a token of thanks, so ideally you want to choose something you know they will love.

You don’t have to go along with conventional items, that is unless you know your friends would appreciate a flask, golf equipment, or something to help with DIY. So here are some practical, meaningful and useful groomsmen gift alternatives.

Something Traditional

If your groomsmen always dress impeccably in a three-piece suit or have more traditional tastes, then a watch could be the perfect gift. A watch is practical, goes with almost every outfit and even better, will never go out of style. Watches2U has a great selection at an affordable price.

Make this gift even more personal by adding an engraving to mark the occasion.

Something Fashionable

Gender stereotypes promote the notion that only women enjoy shopping, but that’s not true. There are plenty of men out there who follow the latest fashion trends and like to regularly update their wardrobe, whether they like high street stores or designer brands. Unless you know exactly what they like to wear, choosing a fashion based groomsmen gift can be tough. Instead, give a gift card for their favorite store so they can enjoy a shopping spree on you.

Something Nerdy

Do your groomsmen like to play video games, watch science fiction, or have to have the latest gadgetry? Then a nerdy gift could be perfect.

If you want to give traditional gifts then choose items with a geek twist, such as Star Wars cufflinks or a Nintendo Gameboy style flask. However, there are all kinds of gift possibilities here, so don’t be afraid to gift outside the box. Give an autographed print or photograph, their very own neon bat signal, or for technology gifts, turn to the lists of cool gadgets from the knowledgeable Richard Ayoade (also known as Gadget Man).

Something Adrenaline-Fuelled

If your groomsmen spend their weekends, holidays and any free time doing extreme sports, seeking thrills through base jumping, or enjoy climbing mountains, pick an adrenaline-fuelled gift.

There’s a huge range to choose from, such as paintballing, skydiving, white water rafting, or an experience driving on a race track. There are loads of websites that offer gift certificates for these activities, so it’s easy to find something your adrenaline junky groomsmen will love.


With a little imagination, you can give your groomsmen a gift that they will love and use, whether they are Star Wars mad, thrill seekers, love fashion or are more traditional at heart. Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired to buy something a little more personal.