Dyeing lace dress for grandmother of the groom Color for GMOG dress

I,grandmother of the groom, have found a lovely, ivory lace dress that fits me perfectly (something that never happens for me); however, bride prefers no one wear white or ivory. I am considering having dress dyed, but am afraid it will turn out looking like a floral print since I have been told the polyester under layer will not dye but will stay ivory. Had intended to dye the dress a light mocha to blend with the lining, but MOG is considering mocha for her dress. Has anyone had experience dyeing a lace dress? Any suggestions as to what color might work with lace? Bridesmaid dresses are Cobalt blue for a beach, spring wedding.

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc

I think you should select something new. Even for a beach wedding, I find some issues with this dress. First, being too short. Kudos to any grandmother who can wear this style, but mature women should stick to knee length or longer. To me, this dress looks too much like a dress that could be worn by a bride for a casual wedding. Those issues, coupled with the real issue of dyeing the dress, makes me feel as though you should try to find another dress. I’d try a bridal shop where an experienced salesperson and seamstress can give guidance.

Ann Guise, Wedding Veil Designer at Silk Wedding Veils

I agree with Donna on all points.

Dying man made fabrics never really works. You would probably find the lace takes the dye better than the lining.

I wouldn’t go higher than mid knee with the dress length. If you can wear a dress like that I’m sure you won’t have trouble finding another outfit.
As for the colour, something that co-ordinates with the bridesmaids and other family members.