Open House Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

I am planning a bridal shower for a Sunday afternoon in December. Due to the busy season, I would like to allow guests the freedom to stop by for some light refreshment and enjoy the party as their schedule allows, but not feel obligated to stay the full two hours. I would like some advice regarding the wording for the invitation for this open house bridal shower. Best regards.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Reelo,

This seems very courteous, especially during a busy holiday season, but could appear as if you would just like guests to come by and drop off a gift. This really isn’t the focus of the bridal shower. Yes, it is traditionally a gift giving event. But, the main focus is on the personal interaction between the guests and the bride to be. So, be very careful to include this type of atmosphere in your party.

I suppose you could simply list your party as an open house/bridal shower. You could ask your guests to feel free to stop by between XXX and YYY for beverages and snacks–or something similar. This may help your guests understand that it isn’t all about gifts.

Best wishes,