Giving the groom away?

My fiancee and I recently attended her cousin’s wedding where both the bride and groom were given away by their respective parents.

How common is this? Also, is it appropriate? I know that there is a lot of versatility in weddings now, but this is something that I think my fiancee and I are interested in doing, as we feel it is more representative of how our relationship is. We asked for blessings, etc., not me asking her dad for her hand . . .

So, what do you think? And, how should it be done so that it is done well and doesn’t ‘mess up’ the processional?

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Including the Parents,

Actually this is a wonderful and very sweet Jewish Tradition that any of us can include in our processions. As a matter of fact I mention this is my booklet, The Ceremony from my Bridal Series of Booklets.

Here is an excerpt about the Jewish procession: “Next, the ushers, paired, walk down the aisle shortest to tallest. The best man walks alone in front of the groom. The groom walks with his father on his left arm and mother on his right.

The bridesmaids follow the groom. If more than five they walk in pairs from shortest to tallest. The honor attendant follows them. Finally, walking in front of the bride is the ring bearer followed by the flower girl. The bride walks up last with her father on her left and her mother on her right.”

We can pick and choose what traditions we wish to follow. You can use any part of this or change it entirely. It is your choice.

Oh, and none of us are ‘given’ away–at least not here, hopefully. We are escorted and include our family. 🙂

Best wishes,


I thought that this seemed familiar! Thanks!