1:00 pm wedding

Step-mother to the bride, what would she wear to a 1:00p.m.wedding that is in October. Also, I am the step-sister what is appropriate for my brother and I to wear. We do not have a clue to how formal the wedding is. Its seems a little odd to us, the reception will not be until 7:00p.m. that night.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Camden,

Usually the formality of the invitation would give you a clue as to the formality of the wedding. Plus, the time of day, 1 pm, is usually informal, and the location are clues. But, the step-mother should be able to tell you how formal the attire will be. She traditionally chooses a dress that compliments the bride’s and her attendant’s dresses in formality and color.

You and your brother should be fine in clothes that you would wear to a nice restaurant.