Should Mother of the bride wear same color dress as bridesmaids?

My daughter is having an outdoor (indoor/garden atrium reception) in early August in the Northwest. Her colors are navy blue for bridesmaids and gray tuxedos plus goldenrod (yellow)flowers. Should I, as mother of the bride, stick to a Navy blue dress as well, or what color would compliment?

Irina Feygin

You can go for either shades of blue to coordinate with the bridesmaids, or with the shades of silver to coordinate with gray of the groomsmen. Your dress doesn’t have to match the bridesmaids dresses in color exactly, rather, it has to be in complimentary color. You mentioned that the groomsmen will wear tuxedos, which means the wedding is formal. That calls for a full length (or at least a tea length) dress for you, as the mother of the bride. Enjoy the wedding!

Liz Fields, Professional Wedding Gown Designer

I agree with Irene. You shouldn’t match the bridal party exactly. But take the colors from there and compliment them. I would go for the silver shades and accent the silver dress with blue. Think blue jewels, brooches, flowers, waist band….not all at once, pick and choose what works for you. Stick with a full-length gown. Tea-lengths can be so matronly and full-length is appropriate for the MOB in a formal wedding.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

And, please remember to dress conservatively.