So your planning the hen, great! Exciting tasks ahead of you. Firstly there will be many people to consider, perhaps different ages are amongst your group? There might be a  mixture of friends and in-laws who may not know each other very well.  Most importantly you will need to take all of the brides  tastes (and demands) into consideration.  If you’ve done your research you’ll know the choice is endless for hen ideas. How do you narrow it down!? Well here is one suggestion.


Good Vs Bad 

Do you go all out and truly celebrate the last days of singleton or do you choose something girly for the bridal party to get to know each other better… choices choices.

What’s good about being bad? 

 Do I really need to ask?? 

Well a good party is full of antics, take nude life drawing classes for example. This is the perfect chance to ogle over a hot guy for an hour striking any pose you require. This is a less conventional hen idea, the kind of party that will never be forgotten.

Get a devil-may-care attitude when you’re seducing that special someone. Be, within reason, a little bit reckless: Do something a little risqué or unexpected to keep them guessing. 

Or if you want to take a new skill away with you how about a seduction class or a domination session. Anyone up to date with modern literature will know this is all the craze! Brush up on your sex eduction and learn some new tricks to last well into marriage!

Don’t Worry If!

  1.  Your concerned about scaring the hubby off with your new tricks, if your booking a class tailored for a hen party, its more a light hearted induction into the domination world, watch out for the guests who want more!
  2. If you think your more sensitive guests can’t handle a bad theme. Even the most squirmish of guests should be able to have fun, if it really does seem like too much, you may be better off choosing the ‘good’ route.
  3. The male life drawing model may be hotter than your hubby,  okay so this was more of a warning!

What’s great about being good? 

There are still tones of ‘non traditional’ hen themes that fall under my good category.  Dance classes come in abundance and give you that opportunity all hens yearn for to dress up as much (or as little) as your glam heart desires. Whatever the theme of dance,  ‘Burlesque’ (okay not so goody too shoes) or ‘Single Ladies’, you can really go all out and wear what you like… just think of the photo opportunities! You could even work on a dance routine for the wedding reception if you’re that daring.

Oh and most importantly… burn those calories needed for that dress!

Alternatively how about getting messy and hands on, not just a good idea but a sweet one! Cupcake or chocolate making classes, now this is a winner all members of the hen have no excuse to renegade on this idea! Who turns down cupcakes?


Can I tempt you back over to the bad side?

Dancing is great fun that burns calories… and cupcakes well that kind of minuses out the calories burned but never mind! But depending on your group you should really consider lurking over to the bad side, the best option would be doubling up so everyone is catered for, seduction and chocolate go together after all?

Whichever route you decide to go down there are many ways to make the day unique for you and your hens, with careful planning and a solid theme you can’t go wrong. But seriously… go bad!

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