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Choosing the Wedding Cake: Do Your Homework

The wedding cake is the center of the party. Everyone looks forward to tasting it and everyone looks forward to finding out what it looks like once the reception starts. It’s a focal point of the night, so it’s imperative that you get the style right, the taste right and that it blends and fits well within the day’s theme.

But, before you go to the pastry chef to nibble on flavors and give him/her ideas of your vision, you need to do a bit of homework with your beau to hone your personal inspirations and tastes. Do you want a classic chocolate cake with a dark chocolate filling or maybe you want something bit outside-the-box with a cherry chocolate chip cake and a vanilla bean filling. There are so many ways to personalize the tastes of the cake, so dive in and do something new!

Don’t worry though, we have the checklist you need to use to help you figure out the what path to take when it comes to this fashionable and scrumptious part of your wedding day. No more stressing about the cutting of the cake, just enjoy every bite!

Choosing the Wedding Cake- Do Your Homework (1)

wedding cake design


1. Find the right (and experienced) bakery or pastry chef: Do your research and look at reviews. There have been so many nightmare stories when it comes to wedding cakes that the bit of extra digging you need to do to find the perfect match is well worth it. Make sure they have experience and most importantly, talent and happy past clientele.

wedding cake designs

2. Decide on your budget and amount of guests to be served: Don’t go into your meeting completely blind. Figure out how many people you’ll be serving at your wedding and the budget you have allocated to the cake funds. This way you can sit down with the chef and make sure you’re getting the right amount of cake at the right price.

wedding cakes designs

3. Have tangible ideas: Peruse Pinterest and flip through magazines, but don’t just tell the artist what you want; show him instead. Maybe you have a knack for doodling yourself, sketches are great and photos are fabulous. It’s much easier for the chef to envision your vision when there is something to look at and have on hand.

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4. Know your styles: Do you want a traditional tiered cake or a tower of cupcakes? Do you want different shapes or something topsy-turvy? Or you can go the route I took, and have separate, smaller cakes with different designs and flavors to each. There are so many different ways to make your cake personalized and completely you, just make sure you know what directions you can go in.

How to Choose the wedding cake
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5. Think about your dress and theme: Traditionally, your cake matches the wedding dress, or at least compliments it. If you’re more of a traditionalist, make sure you’re thinking about your gown when you’re planning the style and design of the cake! At the very least, keep the wedding theme in mind so it enhances the day’s overall ethos.

wedding cake designer

6. Taste it: This is the most important part of picking the cake. Everyone will remember how your cake tastes, even before they remember what it looked like. Make sure you fall in love with the way it tastes and you love the flavor or flavors you’ve chosen. Don’t worry about if your mother-in-law-to-be hates chocolate or your Grandma loves strawberry … choose what you and your partner love, it’s your day and your cake!

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