Wedding Guests Wearing Black

Can You Wear Black to a Wedding (& Other Color Questions)

Can You Wear Black To A Wedding?

Although there seems to be some heated debate around the topic of wearing black to a wedding, you can, in fact, use black to show up looking chic and sophisticated to the event. Long gone are the days of taboo thinking.

Black isn’t only for funerals or when one is in mourning. Instead, it’s for those that want to show up in timeless fashion. 

How To Wear Black To A Wedding

Think about the season. Black is appropriate year-round but even more so in the colder months of the year.

Think about formality. An evening wedding is screaming for guests to wear beautiful black pieces.

Think about personalization. Mix up the look by adding colorful accessories. Think about slipping on some cherry red pumps or even some multi-colored Steve Maddens to mix up the final look.

Think about the style. Don’t go with a long, no-shape silhouette. If you’re thinking about wearing black do so in a way that’s still fashion-forward. Jumpsuits, subtle prints (small polka-dots or stripes, for example), flowing skirts or high-low hemlines will help bring in some fun.

More Color Questions

wedding guests attire choices


What Colors Are Best Worn To a Wedding?

In reality, any color is up for grabs when it comes to guest wedding attire (aside from white and ivory, that’s the ultimate no-no). It boils down to using common sense, such as staying away from the shades used for the events, and how you’re styling the outfit.

Take into consideration some of the key factors when deciding on your attire for the evening. Use clues like the time of year, the type of wedding, and the formality of the celebration. And use our quick guide below to narrow down some choices.

Seasonal Color Options

Winter: Abstract Prints, Cranberry, Emerald, Sapphire, Plum

Spring: Lavender, Peach, Butter Yellow, Sage, Light Floral Prints

Summer: Pinks, Powder Blue, Nautical Stripes

Fall: Mustard, Fuschia, Taupe, Fall Florals, Olive

Cultural Color Options

Other cultures can be a bit more traditional than American weddings. Be sure to get the scoop on the wedding your attending and make sure not to step on any toes beforehand.


Lots and lots of bright colors are encouraged at Hindu weddings. Stay away from black or white – or red because that’s what the bride will be traditionally wearing – and go for as much vibrancy as possible. Turquoise, wine tones, and seafoam are all encouraged.


Similar to Hindu weddings, black and white should be avoided at Chinese weddings as its a symbol of mourning in the culture and worn to funerals. Red is also reserved for the bride. Go with bright pinks, orange, yellow, or other celebratory shades like purple.


Black is reserved, strictly, for funerals in Irish tradition as well. Go for pinks, yellows, or blues in this environment. Mid-length dresses, floral prints, and small headpieces are also welcomed.

What Colors Shouldn’t You Wear To a Wedding?

When it comes to dressing for a wedding there are some tones that you’ll need to stay away from and they include:


Leave these neutral tones to the bride. Even if you know she’s going with a colored wedding gown, don’t go into a wedding looking like you’re trying to compete with the lady under the light.


Let’s not try to look like a piece of the wedding day decor. Steer clear from the extra glittery or sparkly pieces of attire. Guests shouldn’t be competing with the spotlight in any form or fashion.


These shades are usually incorporated into the wedding in some way – big or small. To be on the safe side, stay away from these friendly metallics. 

Bridesmaids Colors

If you already know ahead of time (or you can ask), don’t wear the same color the bridesmaids are wearing. Use the wedding invitations as clues to what the colors of the event may be and shy away from showing up looking like you were trying to fit in with the bridal party.

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