Q: Is It Rude To Invite My Friends But Not Their Kids To My Wedding?

Nope. Adding the child element to any wedding means ensuring they are being watched the entire time and do not decide to eat the wedding cake. Adults-only weddings are increasingly common, so if you want to do it, stick to your big day guns. Allowing some friends to bring their rugrats and not others will only result in wedding day hissy fits. Make it very clear that your special day is a child-free affair with invitations that clearly invite the adults and not their spawn. Add “adults-only” to your wedding website if you want to further drive home this point.

Besides, weddings are generally pretty boring for children. Depending on their age they may not know exactly what is going on or why a whole lot of adults are dressed up. It’s not like they can hit the bar and then the dance floor. If your wedding ceremony is a church service, such as a High Mass Catholic wedding, well, it’s really going to bore the kids. Give your parent friends a night off from their little ones so they can truly enjoy themselves instead of hoping Bobby is behaving or Cassie is staying away from the dessert table. Enjoy an adults-only night with your favorite people….all of you will cherish the experience forever!