Q: Is Making My Wedding “Adults Only” Insensitive?


Not at all. It is YOUR wedding. If you don’t want kids there, in the wise words of Bobby Brown, that’s your prerogative. Yes, guests may complain, but that’s too darn bad. Not all children are well-behaved, which isn’t their fault, but still. If nightmares of demon children ruining your wedding are making you wake up in a cold sweat, your wedding should be an adults-only event.

In terms of etiquette, simply send out your wedding invites as early as possible so guests with children have time to find babysitters. Don’t make the mistake of letting some guests bring their kids–this will only make those who did find a babysitter mad. Do you really want people being rude to you on your wedding day because of rugrats? Of course not. Stand firm in your decision, and remember this is YOUR big day, not theirs!