What To Wear To A Wine Country Wedding?

Dress for a Wine Country Wedding?

Hello! First, I will thank ahead the ones who will take the time to answer my question, if I don’t have the time to answer in a timely manner.

Occasion is my youngest brother-in-law’s wedding. It will take place in a winery in CA, mid-October, 5:30 PM, and it’ll be buffet style (the brother said, if there’s any relevance, just trying to give as much info about it as possible). The bride-to-be is a very laid back kind of girl, and dresses very casual. My husband will be in the wedding party, and I’m a mom of a 2-yr-old. My question is not only what should I wear in terms of clothing, but also on my feet! I have never been at a winery before, but I assume it has dirt, and chasing a toddler around in high-heels on soil like that does not call for stilettos or any fancy shoes or the likes. My guess is shoot for wedges or maybe some sort of cute wedge booties, since it’ll be in the Fall?

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Jodi R R Smith, The Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting

Wedges will work, or I am a big fan of the classic ballet flat. Nowadays you can find flats in fabulous and fashionable styles. As for what to wear, a tea-length sundress in an elegant fabric with a matching shrug/sweater/shawl should work well. If your toddler is a boy, I highly recommend a little sailor suit! If your toddler is a girl, you might want to consider some of the matching mother/daughter outfits you can find in the high end catalogs (Hanna Andersson comes readily to mind). Enjoy ~

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Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Great advice. Also, please make sure your dress is not too revealing and is not red (the look at me color). I also think the cover-up is a great idea. Depending on the area (CA is just one big winery these days), it can become quite cool in the evening.

Love ballet flats, great for running moms and for those with balance issues.

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Reader Response:

Awesome! Thank you both. Although I’m not a big fan of flats (5’2 over here), been considering since the grounds could be of ups and downs. The dress I originally got is not much of a sundress, but discreet color and fabrics, however tea length. Also, there is a dark royal blue color jacket to cover up. Weather will be chilly (at least for me, according to the weatherchannel.com, when checking for the average lows and highs in the area) and was even considering thighs/stockings. Maybe with booties?
My toddler is a boy, and the sailor suit is a great idea. Very creative. Thank you.