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How Do I Co-Ordinate My Jewelry With Ivory Wedding Dress

Ivory Wedding Dress. What Are My Jewelry Choices.

After weeks of consideration I decided to purchase an Ivory Pronovias dress. I fell in love with the dress but the pressure to purchase a white dress prevented me from buying it the minute I tryed it on (6 weeks ago). This is THE dress, you know, the one that makes you cry of happiness!

My dilema now is how to coordinate my shoes, jewelry, tiara, with the dress. Should I go with gold and pearl or stick to silver, or silver and pearl??? My bridesmaids with be wearing wine colored dresses and groom’s men will be in black tux with either wine or cream ties. The groom hasn’t decided what he plans to do.

I would greatly appreciate ANY suggestions!

Wedding Expert

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Looks like your dress is, indeed, “the dress” for you! Ivory and off-white have become increasingly popular colors for the wedding dresses, so don’t worry! You made the right choice. Your jewelry still can be silver/CZ or silver/Pearl, unless you want to go for “extremly warm” look; then look for gold tone jewelry. I only carrysilver/CZ/Pearl jewelry for my bridal clients, because frankly it is very rare that someone wants goldtone jewelry to go with thewedding dress. Your tiara should match your jewelry in metal color. Your veil could be ivory. Your shoes could 1) match the dress 2) or be silver/or gold-tone to match your jewelry and tiara. Wine color dresses of your bridesmaids will look absolutely gorgeous with your ivory dress. Looks like it’s going to be a “dream wedding”! Enjoy!

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