Gold Lace Fall Wedding Dress

Five of the Best Fabrics to Flaunt Throughout Fall

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Are you dreaming about the perfect autumn-inspired wedding gown? From the crunch of colorful leafs to the cool breeze in your hair, this is such a magical and romantic time of the year – especially when one’s wedding lands during the season. When you envision your wedding gown, start with the fabric. How do you want it to move, glisten or feel? Today we”re sharing five of the best fabrics to flaunt during fall, and a beautiful example of what your perfect dress may be for your walk down the aisle during a harvest moon.


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Satin is a great choice for weddings, no matter the season, as it’s a quintessential and classic bridal fabric. But what we love about satin is the crisp nature and modern tone that it brings. Imagine ducking out of the chapel into a chilled breeze as the wind rolls by in this dress, it’s a completely picturesque scene. And to really pay homemade to the season, go for satin in creamier or richer tones.

Golden Lace

Gold Lace Fall Wedding Dressvia

Golden lace has the hue of the season wrapped around its finger but it also has the romantic ethos the entirety of fall contains. It’s unique, it’s classic and it’s a timeless way to adorn yourself for autumn-time as you walk down the aisle. The texture helps to bring in the richness of this time of the year as well, with all the fun “touches” of the season from corn husks to hay.

Crinkle Chiffon

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Crinkle chiffon is soft and luxurious. It also moves well on the dance floor and has a certain amount of thickness that summer fabrics can’t handle. Take this Rosa Clara beauty for example, it will sway and flow on the dance floor unlike any other. Leading with the romantic theme of fall, this fabric has what it needs with the delicacy of what we love about dresses made for warmer months.


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Another soft fabric to help romanticize your day, is a much bolder choice for brides. Silk is sexy and, well, non-forgiving. Go with this more sensual look when you want something a bit simpler and outside-the-realm of traditional bridal styles. These fabrics can be very delicate to handle, but when styled right, worth every worry.


Tulle Fall Wedding Dressvia

Just like satin, tulle is a classic wedding day fabric choice. And that makes it appropriate all year-round. Find a tulle gown that shimmies in the wind and have a golden or blush touch to help relay that fall, festive spirit. Whether that skirt is massive or toned-down, it’s all in the details of how you want to pay homage to the season.