Gold Fall Bridesmaids

5 Fall Colors for Your Bridesmaids to Wear

Fall Wedding Bridesmaids Colors

Are you planning a fall wedding and completely stumped on your color choices? Should you go with the quintessentially leafy colors of burnt orange, golden yellows and emeralds? Or should you think a bit outside-the-box when it comes to your ladies in waiting and the dresses they’ll dawn?

It’s easy to get swayed into traditional bridesmaids gowns including the same drab colors we’re all accustomed to seeing walking down the aisle. But that doesn’t mean you have to follow it. Be on-trend and seasonally appropriate instead. You’re gals will love you for it!

Have no fear, we’ve compiled 5 of our favorite, unique and perfectly autumn-inspired colors for your bridesmaids to wear on your wedding day. Not only will they mimic the beauty and romantic spirit of the season, but it’ll still feel like a beautiful celebrations and not just a kitschy nod to fall.

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Sage Green Fall Bridesmaids

A softer version of grassy, spring greens and rich emerald, this light and frothy shade of nature will be the perfect fit for your afternoon I do’s. It’s complimentary on a variety of skin tones and will be so much fun to pair eclectically-inspired bouquets with. Better yet, it’s an outside-the-box choice for bridesmaids’ fashion and we’re loving it!


Lilac Purple Fall Bridesmaids

Another delicate and touchable hue, lilac bodes well in the fall as it complimentary the darker greens and golden shades that are floating around outside. It can also be quite the versatile match in terms of themes as well as formal celebrations or more casual affairs – it always fits. We love pairing lilacs with powder blues or even darker tones of purple, like plum.


Brown Fall Bridesmaids

For a more bold and fashion-forward look, why not dress your ladies in a rich and sultry hue such as chocolate brown. You can pair this modern style with a softer accent for a more tangible, welcoming feel while still having your bridesmaids feel empowered and important. You’d be surprised how beautiful some fabrics such as silk and satin look in this shimmering color. You can even do a variety of shades for a more interesting and youthful take.


Rose Pink Fall Bridesmaids

Blush is perfect for the essence of winter and frothy, more spirited pinks are the right choice for the warmer months … but when it comes to the fall a rosey, warm hue can make all the difference. A cozy, mauve-inspired pink would enhance any of your bridesmaids’ skin tone and is always very bridal. You may even get lucky and find a textured design to make it even more fun and feminine for your ladies to wear.


Gold Fall Bridesmaids

One of my favorite colors of the autumn season is gold. It’s bold and beautiful, it can be soft and romantic … it can practically take on any form of style or design. Have your ladies dresses in something sparkling or even something golden-toned with just a smidge of sparkle. For a more formal and glam go-to, this is your choice!

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