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Finding Your White: The Wedding Gown. Note: Yes, There Is More Than One White.

Finding Your White: The Wedding Gown

You sift through magazines and scour the Internet… for hours. You watch wedding shows on TV and see your favorite celebrities in some of the most beautiful gowns you’ve ever seen. Before brides even hit the bridal salon, there’s an expectation and idea of what their “perfect” gown will be. And so many times, that excitement turns into extreme disappointed. But we don’t want that to happen. We want our brides to do their homework and when it comes to wedding dress shopping, you’ve got to figure out the right color for you! Here’s to finding your white!

White Blush Wedding Gown

1. Bright Whites.

Crisp and clean, a bright white looks good in all fabrics, especially silks and satins. It’s a traditional choice but it doesn’t bode well with a large variety of skin tones. It’ll compliment those with darker hues but others with fairer shades may not look especially bridal-worthy. Try this on for size if you’ve looking for a winter white wedding or a garden, relaxed celebration.

Ivory White Wedding Dress

2. Ivory Whites.

A bit creamy at first glance, ivory may be the most popular choice for brides all over. It compliments nearly every shin tone and body shape. But, it also has a wide variety of shades itself – from rich to cool – be sure that if you choose an ivory gown, your accessories match and compliment it well. This color works well on so many different dresses that fit a wide variety of different wedding themes.

Champagne White Wedding Gown

3. Champagne Whites.

Maybe you’re looking for something a bit outside-the-box and rich with interest. A gold-toned dress is another option for not only a wide-range of complimenting shades of skin but for uniqueness as well. Sometimes champagne dresses have a pink undertone or even something warmer, which looks incredible of olive tones. It’s the perfect color choice for vintage-inspired events!

Ecru White Wedding Dress

4. Ecru Whites.

The deepest shade of white, ecru dresses have a slightly beige or tan look. You’ll see this shade on a wide variety of skin colors and it’ll compliment those of any tone, depending on their hair, eyes and other aspects such as the theme of your wedding! Rustic or even formal affairs would only be enhanced by such a rich color.

Blue Wedding Gown Dress

5. Other Colors.

Maybe white isn’t the color that’s right for you. Maybe you’re a bride that looks better in something a bit more vivacious and original in style. Maybe you want to nix tradition and create your own ideas of  bridal beauty. From the lightest lavender to the coolest blues, there are so many ways to find wedding gowns bursting with colors.

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