Q: How Can I Have A “Classy” Wedding Without Making My Wallet Weep?


Generally speaking, classy weddings are on the smaller side. Sure, insanely-huge weddings can still be super-class-tastic affairs, but such weddings get expensive. Fast. Since you’re looking to avoid making your piggy bank wail with grief, go for small and sophisticated. For starters, try having a midday wedding–the venue will be less expensive and guests won’t drink as much. Opt for a lovely, catered cocktail hour instead of a sit-down meal. Find a non-wedding dress that fits the occasion, as such dresses are waaaay less expensive than wedding gowns. They’re also much less likely to be encrusted with unsophisticated rhinestones.

Keep things affordable and classy by forgoing unnecessary stuff such as the unity candle, videography, bridal party, flower girls…you get the idea. Besides, if no one is part of your wedding party, you won’t have to worry about hurt feelings.

Remember, your wedding is a celebration of your love, not a spectacle. Your guests are there because they adore and support you–being entertained isn’t exactly a concern. Be sincere. Be genuine. Be you. That’s what’s sophisticated!