Bride dangles off cliff while groom reaches his hand out to her for an epic wedding photo
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10 Guaranteed Wedding Fails (What NOT to Do)

While we all dream of a flawless wedding followed by the best reception and party anyone has ever seen, things don’t always end up that way. Sometimes, things don’t go quite as planned, from drunk moms to wardrobe malfunctions and other unforeseen catastrophes. Weddings just aren’t always “picture-perfect”.

In an ode to Jimmy Fallon and one of his epic hashtag challenges (#weddingfails), here are 10 wedding fails—and what not to do if you’re in danger of having one happen to you.

#1: Skateboarding Bride

It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, right? Well, it could definitely have been better. So many couples like to include their favorite hobby or pastime in their wedding day, but skateboarding with your wedding dress on is just a recipe for disaster, as this bride sadly found out.

How to Avoid It

How about you make a better plan to hold up the skirt and train on your wedding dress? Or maybe a better idea would be to change into another dress; a short, cocktail dress length would be much better.

#2: Clumsy Best Man Ruins Wedding

This might be one of the most epic wedding fails of all time. Not only did the best man stumble while walking up to the altar to present the rings—but when he slipped, it caused the bride and the priest to fall into the pool.

How to Avoid It

There are many ways that this could have been prevented. A larger platform could have been made, it could have been made with a less slippery surface, or maybe the best man should have practiced that action a few times to make sure he knew the lay of the land. Should the groom have just jumped in and finished the ceremony in the pool? What do you think?

#3: Dogs at Weddings

Hey, we love our fur babies just as much as you, and they certainly add some personal style to your wedding. But when mother nature calls, it’s just going to happen. We’ve seen photos of a dog peeing on a bride’s wedding dress, but how about this for a photobomb?

Bride and groom holding a hand over face and head while their dog photo bombs their picture
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How to Avoid It

Enlist someone to take Fido on a walk away from the wedding festivities so the pooch can relieve itself somewhere more appropriate.

#4: Wedding Cake Fail

How to Avoid It

Simply be a little gentler.

#5: Bride Smacks Groom at the Altar

When you plan a wedding outdoors, it’s pretty safe to say that something will happen. We just didn’t expect this. Picture a beautiful day, with your best friends professing their love to each other, reciting their vows in front of everyone they love. And then, BOOM! The bride smacks the groom in the face.

 Twitter caption about bride smacking groom in face during ceremony
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How to Avoid It

Instead of reacting so abruptly, try to remain calm. The mosquito will fly away, and if not, the groom can be the one to wave it away.

Epic Wedding Fails Captured on Camera that Will Have You Cringing Hard

#6: Bridal Party Falls Into Lake

Hey, we get it! Wedding photos over water are epic! They make a beautiful addition to your wedding album. But when they turn into an epic wedding fail, it goes viral.

How to Avoid It

Instead of the above, have someone with structural experience check out the condition of the deck or dock to ensure it can withstand the weight of your entire bridal party.

#7: Wedding Photo Jumps

One of the most fun wedding photos you will take is the bridal party jumping in the air in celebration. It seems simple, right? So what could go wrong? But, unfortunately, even the simplest things can turn into a wedding fail. In this example, a groomsman jumped so high doing a split in the air that he kicked the bridesmaid in the face and ripped his pants in the process. Ouch!

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How to Avoid It

Maybe space each other out a little more, or don’t jump so high. Either way, it’s still an excellent photo, and the bride and groom were not upset. And the bridesmaid didn’t get hurt.

#8: Risky Pictures

Today’s couples love to be a little more adventurous and want their wedding day to be unique. So, when it’s time to take photos, they can often be seen taking some risks to get that perfect shot. This couple tried to get the ideal image on the deck with the beautiful blue ocean surrounding them. But instead, the ocean waves came crashing in. We think it still turned out to be a stunning photo.

Stunning photo of bride and groom being surrounded by crashing waves while trying to capture picture
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How to Avoid It

Mother Nature is Mother Nature, and she beats to her own drum. In this example, all you can do is plan around the tides (and maybe have a lookout alert you when a wave is rolling in).

#9: Toilet Duties

If you have ever been a bride wearing a wedding dress with a full skirt, or you’ve been a bridesmaid, you know how challenging it can be to use the restroom. This photo looks like an epic wedding failure, but it’s just reality. Still, we loved the image so much we just had to include it in our top 10 wedding fail list.

Bride looks mortified while her and the groom hold her skirt up.
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How to Avoid It

In this case, we’d say to find a restroom (instead of outdoors) so that you can’t be captured in the act on film.

#10: Bride Falls From Mountain Rock While Taking Photos

Whoa! What a frightening sight! We know that in today’s social media crazed environment, getting the most Insta-worthy photos is all the rage. But, this looks a bit too risky for most (even on your wedding day). Fortunately, the couple were experienced climbers, and they used all the safest techniques. This image certainly looks like a wedding fail, but it’s anything but that—it’s a jaw-dropping wedding photo to be remembered for life.

How to Avoid It

If you are not experienced at rock climbing, do not attempt this. Your life (or your partner’s) is not worth an Insta-worthy photo.

Weddings are all about memories—the journey to get to this special day, the love story, and all the fabulous wedding details. But, when you look at it from a bigger picture, all the little bumps in the road that you experience during your relationship, the wedding planning, and even on your wedding day are all part of your love story. They are what make you you—and what makes your wedding unique and memorable. So, rather than allow these #weddingfails to ruin your day, embrace them because they only belong to you!