Weddings are more than mere parties — they are once-in-a-lifetime events to commemorate the undying love between two people — and yet they generate all the same stress and horror as any other party when it comes to style and design. You want your wedding to be as unique and creative as you and your spouse-to-be, but you also want your wedding to be stunning and indisputably beautiful. To help you balance the scales between distinctive and delightful, we offer this year’s most popular wedding trends.

1. Wild and Free Floral Arrangements

Tight rose bouquets are no longer in vogue; the flowers are too expected, and the symmetry of the arrangements are too dull. Now, all florals and greenery in your wedding should be loose and exotic.

Non-traditional, seemingly unromantic plants are particularly on-trend — think cactuses, mushrooms, and other earthy vegetation. You can incorporate natural Southern California vegetation and flowers to give it a custom look.



2. Hanging Décor

If your Los Angeles venue has high ceilings, you can put that vertical space to use with any number of fashionable hanging decorations. Dangling lights, particularly simple and chic Edison bulbs, add sparkle, while hanging garlands and other floral arrangements bring in freshness and color.

However, you should be careful not to hang the décor too low, as you don’t want guests bumping into it all night long.

3. Warm Metals

You probably grew up in the era of silver and platinum, but cool metals are so last decade. Bronze, copper, gold, and rose gold are everywhere nowadays, especially in 2015 weddings.

You might consider opting for these metals in flatware, vases, candlestick holders, or any other metal element in your decor. These metals work as well in rustic themes as in glamorous events because they add warmth.

4. Devices, Social Media, Technology

You are likely never more than two feet away from your phone, which means your wedding guests won’t be either. Instead of bemoaning your guests’ addiction to technology, you can embrace it. Many couples this year are creating their own hashtags so guests can post about the event on social media.

Additionally, you can use a tablet to record a video guest book instead of the standard written variety, or you can ask a few members of your wedding party to wear GoPros to capture unique angles of the event.

5. Completely Casual or Fully Formal

Last year, brides and grooms enjoyed a mid-way point between casual and formal, where groomsmen paired sneakers with tuxedos and brides wore expensive, white cocktail dresses. However, that casual-formal amalgam has split in two: In 2015, weddings should be one or the other, and never the twain shall meet.


Wedding venues in Los Angeles are particularly flexible when it comes to formality, as most couples in the area stick closely to ever-changing wedding trends.

6. Full-to-Bursting Registry

Though many modern couples live together long before they tie the knot, their busy young lives virtually prevent them from accumulating the items they need to have a proper home. Thus, most wedding registries are all-encompassing, from fine china to everyday plates, stand mixers to expenses-paid honeymoons.

Many couples register in more than one location in an attempt to meet all their myriad needs. Thus, you shouldn’t feel bad for stuffing your registry — your guests should fully expect it.

7. Colorful Dresses and Suits

Though white is still the color of choice for a wedding gown, many designers are releasing colored and patterned dresses for brides. Floral gowns in particular are heating up, for their feminine patterns and flattering lines are unexpected and beautiful coming down the aisle.

To make sure your bridal party isn’t too busy, you should consider dressing bridesmaids in a subtle color (perhaps even white) if you expect to wear a patterned dress.

Grooms and groomsmen are also experiencing jolts of color to their ensembles. Though bright-hued sneakers are out, men should add brightness in their boutonnieres, ties, and dress shoes.


8. Tastes, Samples, Bites

Served dinner is standard, but that is exactly why it is starting to feel so stodgy. Most couples this year are offering passed plates of hors d’oeuvres or multiple food stations with small bites.

Because receptions tend to run long, eating small amounts throughout the night is key to maintaining energy and staying light on your feet.

9. Iconic Cake With a Twist

After years and years of cake balls, cupcakes, and other single-serving desserts at weddings, the traditional, multi-tiered cake somehow feels brand new again. However, many couples are ordering their cakes with a signature twist. For example, instead of clean, white fondant, the cake will be beautifully bare.